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Mike Barajas Leaving Fox 26 KRIV


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I am told by multiple sources connected with Fox 26 KRIV that main anchor Mike Barajas is no longer with the station. His last show was the Friday 9pm newscast. There was supposedly no mention about his departure on TV. Barajas announced his departure after the show to a surprised staff.

I did not ming Matt Lavine or Lanny Griffith, because they were incredibly annoying news personalities, but Mike will be missed on KRIV.

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What is he up to now? Btw, Kristine Galvan wasn't wearing a wedding ring at her anchor desk this evening...i recall Fox 26 had a brief segment 2 yrs ago where she did a report on the Houston housing and how she was able to get a great deal on a townhome with her new husband. That sure was a short marriage.

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On staff at News92 FM: http://news92fm.com/schedule/

News92 picked up several of radio and TV's "cast-offs." I think it is a fine thing. I had been listening to JP Pritchard and Lana Hughes on my morning commute for years and watching Craig Roberts for the evening sports news about as long. It's a comfort to an aging baby boomer.

I sort of remember seeing Mike Barajas on Fox. I didn't watch it too often since I was more accustomed to watching the news at 10:00pm. I must say, since he's joined News92, he seem to stumble over what he is reading with notable frequency. Maybe he has the same trouble with his bi-focals as I have with mine.

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