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Architects Find Their Dream Client, in China

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I can see them being able to realize looks but not sure of valuing engineering or at least on the execution side.

I'm not entirely sure about that. Things that would be scrutinized by the public would probably meet more rigorous quality control than the normal buildings that are out there.

Also remember, China IS a communist state and appearances are everything so they can say "We are Superior."

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I like this:

‘Anybody can build buildings. Few can build poetry.’ ”

Speaking of another building:

The structure is the size of the Empire State Building laid out horizontally and raised five stories off the ground to provide a public park below.
That's awesome! Although if surrounded by other buildings it might be hard for grass to grow. However, the shade would be nice in Houston.

What's the risk in doing something that hasn't been done before? Tenants like bland ugly buildings. I don't see why they wouldn't accept edgy/risky buildings.

“There’s no way a U.S. developer would let us do these,” Mr. McVoy says, adding that the American mentality is, “if it hasn’t been done before, then you shouldn’t do it. It’s all about risk, risk, risk. The Chinese have a kind of fearlessness to build things.”

Sounds like Houston to me :) :

Of course, this efficiency sometimes comes with a price: a firmly decisive, top-down system means that projects are built whether or not people in local neighborhoods want them. As Mr. McVoy observes, modern development has already erased much of China’s historic architectural fabric, like intimate courtyard neighborhoods of Beijing, which were defined by their hutongs, or alleyways.
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