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Confidential Downtown Mixed-Use Development


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It appears to be a residential project from looking at the deck/roof area in-between the buildings. I think the word confidential in this case is just a filler for not real. The rendering is extremely bare and probably 4 years at least from seeing any real action. Now besides all that from what I can see it looks like it would be really cool and i support anything going downtown, let's keep our fingers crossed!!

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I don't know for sure but I would not be surprised if this and the midtown one were hypothetical designs commissioned by one or more of the following agencies:

  • Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County
  • Houston Downtown Management District
  • Midtown Management District

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Look at Kirksey's project page. In almost every category, for almost every project, their renderings are photo-realistic (done with a full Viz program or plug-ins, including cars, people, sky, reflections, lighting, etc.)

So any that look more abstract and like they are mostly Sketchup models ... i think that's a giveaway that it's a Kirksey project that never made it out of proposal or never gained traction.

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  • The title was changed to Confidential Downtown Mixed-Use Development

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