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Houston named top travel pick for 2011


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The typical meal in Houston runs $32.50, more than $2.50 cheaper than the national average. Plus, the city is flexing its cultural muscle (the Houston Zoo just unveiled its African Forest exhibit), and encouraging tourists to explore to their heart's content with the Houston CityPASS, which offers access to any combination of six attractions—Space Center Houston, Houston Aquarium and Museum of Fine Arts included—for $39 (a bargain when you consider that a similar pass goes for anywhere from $64 in San Francisco to $79 in New York).
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One of my roles here is to be negative.....so I laugh at Houston being number 1. Every city has a zoo; Space Center Houston is a joke (especially compared to Kennedy in Florida); Our "Aquarium" is a restaraunt FIRST (Ever been to the Aquarium in Atlanta?); and the Galleria is nice but what can you find in it that can't be found in most major cities?

On a rare positive note that I have to share on this site, it is right about our quality food and affordable prices. Plus IMO our Museum of Fine Arts is Excellent. Who knows, maybe that is incentive enough for a resident of NY, DC, or L.A., to plan a vacation or long weekend in Houston. :)

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That's OK. Everyone else is laughing at you for not even bothering to read the article before jumping ugly. Houston was #4, behind the capital of Estonia.

Well, everyone can laugh at me for concluding Houston was number one after that crystal clear heading, and that link that lead me to a place where Houston is listed at the very top of the page. I don't how the heck I came to think Houston was number one on that list after that :blink: . Silly me. I stand corrected.

By the way, you are correct in that I did not read the ENTIRE article. Personally, I was only interested in what they had to say about Houston. Hmmmmmmm, Houston is number 4 instead. Hmmmmmmmmm, I still get a giggle. Still think I have valid points about the attractions listed on the 'Houston Pass'.

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