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Jonathan Foster case


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Surely most of you know about the Jonathan Foster case: a 44-year-old woman was accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old boy on Christmas Eve, they found a burned body in a ditch, identified it as him, and got a suspect who has had a criminal record.

That's the short version anyway.

What do you think?

Do you think that Ms. Nelson is guilty and should get the punishment she deserves?

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They said they have a lot of physical evidence from her apartment, where they think the body was burned. She admits to dumping the body since she was caught on camera, but says she didn't kill him. She says she was given a plastic bin by the dad to dispose of which she never opened and just dumped, which makes no sense for numerous reasons (1. the mother got a strange phone call from Mona and an alive Jonathan 2. It was not a plastic bin dumped, it was just a burned body).

Seems to me like she's full of crap and she did the whole thing...but WHY did she do it? That part is very unclear to me. Maybe a botched kidnap for ransom?

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