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from Officer James Sobota - community liason City of Houston Citywide--POSITION INTERACTION POLICE program---PIP ------all meetings open to public always held 2nd Tuesday- everyother month

The 2011 Citywide PIP year will open with a very informative Program.

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, the Citywide PIP program presentation topic will be presented on the "Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission". given by Joel Moreno, Chief Enforcement Division from Austin , Texas . Don't miss this informative program.

Also, comments from Chief of Police Charles A. McClelland, Jr.

Meeting location and time: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 7 PM located at 1602 State St. (Auditorium) Houston , Texas 77007 Near Houston Ave & Memorial, across from the Police Station

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here is the best part of dealing with TABC.....ask them to clarify one of their stupid policies about signage or some other thing that is completely and totally ambiguous......their answer will be to tell you that if they clarify that policy right then and there......it would basically be making case law right then.....and they will tell you it is better to wait until you are actually being faced with that issue.....and then if you go to court you can try and claim it was not clear how to follow the policy and maybe you will get it dismissed.....I know someone that works for glaizers and he was at a meeting with the TABC guy that heads up about half the state.....and the TABC guy gave him that answer on at least three different issues.....of course the big distribution owns the TABC anyway so those issues just don't come up for them

here is a specific issue someone I know almost got screwed with by TABC for about 70K......they were opening a winery...well in Texas you basically have to build out your facility and then "ask" the dickheads at TABC to approve it and issue a permit after you have made your total investment

there is a law in Texas that prevents retailers from owning a part of a producer and or a distributor or a producer owning a part of a wholesaler ect......there are three tiers.....producer, wholesale, and retail......basically there can be no cross ownership

well these people got their facility built out......then TABC told them they would not give them a permit.....why you ask.....well because the strip center they were RENTING a space in was owned by a guy that also owned a Cstore (retailer) and TABC considered that cross ownership.......the owner of the strip center had ZERO ownership in the winery.....but because he owned the strip center and he also owned a Cstore (in a different area not even in the same strip center) the TABC saw that as an issue.......it took those people months of extra time and legal fees while TABC drug their assed deciding if that was actually cross ownership or not......they finally decided it was not and issued the permit several months and thousands and thousands of additional wasted dollars later

just flat ass idiots.....the last time I almost had the cuffs on was because of dealing with TABC.....it was a long story, but a college kid friend was being railroaded after attempting to do everything proper to have a party and charge for the beer (you can do this legally through a caterer).....the TABC ran a "sting" and was there 15 minuted before the party started....BECAUSE my friend had called them twice to try and find the proper method...the guy laughed at my friend later and said all you needed to do was go through a caterer.....my friend said I called you two times and ask that.......while the TABC guy was counting the money my friend was caught charging I started calling out random numbers......he blew up and threatened to have me arrested while the city cop put his hand on his gun......I laughed at him and stepped back one foot after he told me to "back up"....later when he was leaving I called him a fatass and told him to get a real job and not to look like such a slob if he was going to work for my tax dollars.....he knew he could do nothing about that......of course I had neighbors across the street from me that had been bootlegging 40oz budweisers for a 2 years by then (and literally hundreds of calls to the cops by me and neighbors).....oh yea and they were running a crack house, a party night food service, a flop house for whores.....and an illegal day care.....3 or 4 months later I looked out the window one day to see the swat team swarming that house and grandma house dress and 4 others on the porch in cuffs

my friend that was arrested for the party made the front page of the local paper as well.....in that article they talked about how it took them 12 months to close down an illegal speakeasy in a building with a HUGE sign painted on the outside and another that was passing out fliers every weekend

the bootlegging my neighbors were doing was while the city I live in was dry at the time as well

so yea TABC can't catch two years worth of dealing or bootlegging.....a year so of illegal clubs......but the damn sure had two undercover officers, a third officer (the fatass) and 2 city cops at my friends college kid party 15 minuted before it started......because he had tried to call them 2 times to see what he needed to do to be legal


there is a link to the story.....best part is.....the party was still able to go on because my friend had all the band and noise permits.....we just needed to go buy more beer because TABC made them poor out 5 kegs on the ground and took the kegs, taps, and trash cans

they almost arrested a girl that was a high school friend of my friend.....that had never drank in her life.....because she was sitting at the table talking to my friend when he was taking money.....she never touched the money......they had to have a 10 minute powwow over that decision

well done TABC!

one day when I have the ability I will make sure TABc is sunsetted and 100% of those that work for them are FIRED and told to GTFO

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