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Houston to be "Point"-less soon


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This discussion is on going at radio-info.com Houston-Galveston board.

Cox launching Alternative format to possibly rival The Buzz

Direct link to the RadioInsight article

Will Houston Be Buzzing About The Zone?

the point seemed to go out of its way to play the most banal 80's music. less top 40 eighties, more alternative/club/mtv/subculture eighties would've have given a much more interesting playlist..IMO.

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But I must ask... who the heck listens to the drivel that is called Houston radio?

92% of Americans listen to the radio at least once a week. Only 8% don't listen to radio.

Radio listnership is actually up from 2008 to 2009 by three million people.

There are certain groups of people who claim they don't listen to the radio, but for the most part they're lying because they think it makes them sound cool. To wit, 94% of college students listen to radio in a given week -- more than the national average of 213 million people.

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Is it too much to hope that Houston might get a true alternative rock station? The Buzz is really a best of the 90's station.

This exactly. When the buzz plays songs that are nearing 20 years old it really starts to feel like the next generation classic rock station.

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