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Home At 3435 Meadow Lake Ln.


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Via the COH database and Swamplot - sold for $2-2.5 million on February 5, 2008 to Jeremy and Holly Taylor.

Project No: 09102014

Date : 2009/11/17



Job Address : 3435 MEADOW LAKE LN 77027

Valuation : $ 0

Permit Type : SD

FCC Group : Demo; Single Familty Dwelling


Address : 9026 LAMBRIGHT LN 77075

Phone : (713) 941-4141

What a waste!




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It's a waste, sure... but if they can afford $2.5 mil for a piece of land, i think they have the right to do with it whatever the hell they please.

And while I know its publicly accessible information, its not advertised... unlike Swamplot, I think it's pretty wrong for you to throw their names to the wolves.

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It is a beautiful house. If I had a very large budget though I think I could build a better one. I'd reserve judgment on these people until we see what they replace it with. I know the chances are not good but maybe they'll hire a good architect and give him a chance to build something great.

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Don't need a name to TP a house. Just an address. :rolleyes: Maybe we could TP the backhoe and dragline that do the dirty deed.

Seriously. Tearing that down is absolutely obscene. Even if it is not illegal, there is zero justification for that much waste and destruction.

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Which neighborhood does this one sit in? I'm too lazy today to look it up, anyone know, offhand? I wonder who the architect was, anyone we've heard of? That would make it even more painful.

Wow, what an beautiful entrance archway. Loooking at this one hurts.

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