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Lindale Park By Bicycle

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I had a day off from work today, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather to check out Lindale Park, which straddles Irvington between the North Loop and Cavalcade.


Here's a beautiful house designed by Brett Zamore that is going up there.


And here is the side of the Matamoros Meat Market on Irvington.


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The guy whose family owns the big mod on Elser was a good friend of mine in junior high and high school. I'm pretty sure they've owned it since it was built, and I'm also pretty sure the 1980 construction date listed by HCAD is wrong, because I remember it being there as early as 1975. It is definitely unlike anything else in the neighborhood.

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Lindale Park is a neat neighborhood. Most of the houses look a lot like the original houses in West University, but I like how you focused on the houses that appeared "out of place". Did you happen to notice the big 1930s Tudor-style house on the corner of Robertson & Gale? I've always wondered what the story was behind that place. It was definitely the nicest house in the neighborhood when it was built.

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