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Old Stores Around College Station


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I know there are probably at least one or two topics floating around Houston with this theme, but what are some stores (not restaurants) from College Station-Bryan you knew/missed? Let's see...


Randalls on University Drive (closed early-mid 1990s? now Albertson's)

Albertson's on Texas Ave. (closed summer 2008)

H-E-B Pantry on Texas Ave. (closed 2003 or 2004 when Tejas Center was built...did you know there are three H-E-Bs on Texas Ave.?)

Kroger (kind of small...closed 2007 or so, now 99¢ Store)

Albertson's on Texas (very short-lived, what, 2002-2004?)

Post Oak Mall:

Flag Expo (circa 2003-2004)

Steve & Barry's University Sportswear (2005-2009, replaced above store and several others)

Post Oak Pets (charter tenant, closed 2002?)

Service Merchandise (Dillard's Mens/Home now)

Wilson's (rebranded by Service Merchandise)

Foley's (rebranded by Macy's)

Manor East Mall:

Animal World (last tenant)

JCPenney (original location)

Montgomery Ward (closed 1997?)

Wal-Mart (1982-1993)


Cingular on Rock Prairie (rebranded by AT&T)

Kmart (replaced by Big Lots, TSC)

There's loads more, but those are just off the top of my head!

Feel free to add more.


OK, in the plaza opposite Wal-Mart on 2818, the junior anchor at the end was Paint N More, which closed around 2001. Then it became Franklin Candle Co., and then eventually Dollar General, which closed again. Similarly, the Goodwill in the Kmart area was Dollar General. Yes! Less was also the Kmart plaza, and I think it was the place where the asian market is now.

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Hmm...I know that the Albertson's at College and University opened as a Skaggs-Albertson's in 1972 or so...

Goody's was in the plaza near Shoe Carnival, that's now Big Lots.

In the Toys R Us plaza, there was also Wildbirds Unlimited (I think that was the name, dunno what it sold) and the original Hobby Lobby.

Winn-Dixie is where Lack's is now.

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I think Mr. Gatti's used to be where I-Hop is in College Station? Am I right? Then it moved to Bryan in a spot that used to be a skating rink, then to College Station again in the old Texas Ave HEB. (just thought that would be a restaurant not a store)

There used to be a Checkers Burgers near where the College Station Golds Gym is but further up on that lot to Texas Ave I think. (also a restaurant)

Downtown Bryan used to have a Woolworth store.

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Hmm...I know that the Albertson's at College and University opened as a Skaggs-Albertson's in 1972 or so...

I guess my memory is playing tricks on me. I thought i remembered it as an Alpha Beta.

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Skaggs-Albertson's, Skagg's Alpha-Beta, Jewel-Osco, Albertson's


I may be leaving out a name before it changed to just Albertson's, but all the above names were used at the location on S. College.

Somewhere on this site or TexAgs I have posted something similar to the following, but don't have the time to dig it up now:

Years ago there were three Mr. Gatti's, one Downtown(I think where Subway is now), one near where Walgreen's is now at Villa Maria and Texas Ave. and one in the location Schlotzsky's is now by the IHOP.

The Downtown location closed probably 22-25 years ago, the location where Walgreen's is now closed in the late 80's, early 90's and then became China Garden. The Mr. Gatti's by campus stayed open through the mid-90's. Gattiland on Briarcrest in Bryan(the old Ardan's/ Rolling Thunder location, currently Thunder Elite gymnastics) was open at the same time for a while. It was not a change of location.

When HEB built the new store and abandoned the Pantry space, Gatti's moved Gattiland not because the Briarcrest was doing bad, because it was actually doing very well, but because they said they "couldn't pass up the location". They also stated this town was not large enough to simply add another Gattiland and keep the Briarcrest location open.

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I wasn't around when Skaggs opened, but I do remember scanning an article for an organization that mentioned how Skaggs-Albertson's opened at College and University. I thought that later they dropped Skaggs and it just became Albertson's (which closed circa '97)

It once operated as Jewel-Osco? Man, I thought that was only in Illinois! wacko.gif

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