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Houston Photos - more


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I spent about 10 minutes writing a nice post with the edit html button... and it didn't post any of it... so i will shorten the post a bit to just a few photos.

Larger Version Link (click to zoom in)

Small .jpg displayed on screen





older panos'


ps: sorry for any big logos on the pics. Just do not want them popping up in random magazines.

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thanks Highway and Attica.

the story i tried to write out before (hope this one takes)...

That view woke me up on 9/10/09. The view was the Mosaic looking East at the ship channel.

I was sound-asleep and when I looked up all I could think was... drat, I am going to have to get up to take a photo of this.

Old saying - “red sky in morning, sailors warning. red skies at night, sailors delight.”

Unfortunately... that was the beginning to my worst day this year. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

Top of the list was a time sensitive purchase from dell for 48 laptops (don't ask). The Dell rep sent me a nice email saying while the credit card purchase went through, the team that manages purchasing decisions decided that the price quoted did not benefit Dell, so we would have to pick a different model or up the price per unit.

Today 48 HP laptops just arrived an hour ago. ;-)

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