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  1. Again, are all "reports" treated with equal sincerity? I think if you want to maintain the air or impartiality, you shouldn't voice your opinion on the subject. Because what look like happened here is you tripped over yourself trying to placate a bunch of whiney snobby bjtches.
  2. Really? Weird. Because it took three mentions of this little bit of fugly to get it removed. And pretty much everything you'd deleted was a response to that. Or a response to the snob that typed that. (Except, bizarrely, an innocuous post about Chuck E Cheese - Can't be talkin' 'bout no Chuck E Cheese on Haif! We gots important Walmarts to bash!)
  3. It's certainly what you're doing. What are your opinions on the Walmart again? I forgot.... Weren't you opposed to it? Dissent squelched!
  4. So, if I were to complain about something, you would delete it without any research? Seems a reasonable way to run a website. I can't foresee any problems with that. Edit: DELETE!!
  5. This'll surely bleed over into every old suburb in town. Perhaps the councilman should be reminded that not only should he keep your thoughts in mind, but he should also keep your future votes in mind. That was such a condescending email. If I had the ability, I'd vote the bum out on principle alone. I think I may still be registered in the city...
  6. Welcome to Politics, USA. Would you like a brochure?
  7. I don't do nasal sounds too well. I'm smobby like that.
  8. You're pissing in the wind, Red. I said the same thing like 30 pages ago. I even posted a couple photos of the barren wasteland that's dividing such normally rational people like the residents of the Heights. One of the photos, a tar-covered, cracked stretch of pavement, looked like it was held together by chewing gum. When I took those photos, I sat there that day and came to a realization about Yale @ Center. Traffic only ever picks up on that road (during non-rush hour times) when a train comes through the area. Otherwise, Yale is a ghost town. Yale is more like Sawyer than I'd even realized. It's Sawyer with an underpass. All you need are some presidential heads, and you have the making of Target 2: Electric Boogaloo. With the exception of Terminator and Star Wars, the sequel is never greeted with the same enthusiasm as the original. I wonder what would have happened had Walmart come before Target.
  9. Would you feel the same if it was ? Dun-dun-DUNNNN!!
  10. Lonestar. Or, "Please stop feeding rice to my chickens."
  11. Here's some discussion. There were a few posts deleted by mods, but you get the idea.
  12. It's the perfect compromise. Now, Heights residents can take advantage of the low prices and convenience, but still not be mortally embarrassed that such a place as Walmart could be associated with their neighborhood.
  13. Did you have to delete entire posts? You should have exercised your line-item veto power instead of scrapping the entire thing.
  14. If you think this is bad, go check out the Heights Walmart thread or the thread about building apartments in Katy. This thread looks like the UN on ecstasy by comparison.
  15. It annoys me more when snobs attempt to mask their snobbery behind civic responsibility than when they're forthright with their snobbery. At least with the latter, you know what you're dealing with. For a couple months now, I've waded through eighteen pages of bilge foisted on us from one side of this argument - all of them lies, all of them designed to hide their true intentions and all designed to stir our emotions and not our sense of reason. When one filthy justification falls flat, they trot out another lie. When that one doesn't stick, they bring out another. Very little gets me worked up, but discrimination and intentional ignorance are chief among the things that do. This misguided opposition to the Walmart have clearly demonstrated both of those qualities, and I've finally lost my patience with it. They're snobs, and if karma was real, the next inner-loop Walmart to get built directly next door to their HAHC-approved houses. If all it takes is a pair of tight jeans and some pearl snaps, then I'm a semi-hipster too. And I support the building of this Walmart.
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