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Heights Bungalow Wood Siding

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Or Grogans on Yale. More expensive than Montalbano but usually have better stuff.

Whatever you do, do not use untreated yellow pine siding, which I see too many people doing in the Heights. It will be rotten again in 5 years. Use kiln-dried treated pine, cypress, cedar or redwood. Alternatively, if this is standard clapboard siding, you can use Hardi trim board, which is 7/16" thick, or Hardi Artisan, which is 5/8" thick. Standard Hardiplank is too thin to match wood clapboard siding.

Also, if you use any type of wood siding, make sure it is "back-primed" - painted with primer on the backside - before it is put on the house.

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I had some siding that was rotted and the entire wall from floor joists/subfloor to the first 2 feet of framing was rotted thanks to previous owner termite damage.

Upon doing the inspection of the house a few years ago, there was no noticable damage as it all had been patched up but not repaired. Cheapass previous owners.. fix it right! Unfortunately I did and it cost a ton of money. Atleast I know my walls aren't going to fall down.

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