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Best weather/hurricane app/mobile page for iPhone?


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check out wunderground for hurricane data. they have an iphone friendly page and you can see Atlantic and Pacific activity, you can select the specific disturbance. for the Atlantic stuff it shows you forcasts, and you can even see the different models plotted for 3 and 5 days.

this site was very nice to have last year when I lost power at the house, and all I had was my phone and a car charger during Ike.

for an honest to god downloadable app, I used to have the "weather bug" app, as it showed live radar images, but then I recently found "the weather channel" app. it not only gives live radar images, but you can click the play button and it cycles through 6 radar images at 5 minute intervals (the last 25 minutes of radar data). Not great, but it is the only app that I've found so far with moving radar images. best part is that it's free. not to mention you can zoom into specific areas for a closer look, or zoom out to see an even bigger picture.

only problem with it is it does crash every once in a while, but what do you expect from the weather channel :P

Anyway, I don't miss the channel 2 weather reports any more, but I do miss Jennifer Reyna traffic reports (I don't get up early enough to see them any more).

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