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At Least 26 Hurt In Turbulence Aboard Rio-To-Houston Flight


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from the chron

At least 26 people were hurt this morning when Continental Airlines Flight 128 bound for Houston from Rio de Janeiro encountered severe turbulence, forcing it to be diverted to Miami.

Among friends and family waiting at the Bush Intercontinental Airport this morning was Rosana Nichols, whose 13-year-old son Thiago Candido travels to Brazil once a year to visit his father.

According to Nichols, Thiago told her by cell phone that the flight was calm until hitting the turbulence and seemed to drop, which caused passengers who weren't belted in to come out of their seats. Thiago saw one woman with a badly bleeding head injury and another with what appeared to be a severe neck injury, Nichols said.

The flight was scheduled to arrive at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport at 6 a.m. While Continental officials wouldn't immediately say how passengers would get to Houston, Nichols said her son was being put on another plane today and that the group would fly to Houston or elsewhere aboard multiple jets.


Should've worn your seatbelts...

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I wonder if the people injured have a case for their injuries?... as they always tell you to keep your seatbelt fastened while you are seated.

I came back last week from a trip to Europe, and the last leg of my travels was a flight from Newark to Houston on a Continental Boeing 767... we had a little turbulence after take off, at one point it felt like we dropped 50 feet, you could really feel that falling feeling, but after it was smooth all the way back.

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