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Home At 9703 Runnymeade Dr.


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I was raised in Westbury - and my mom used to take me to Meyerland plaze for my back to school shopping. Our Route took us down W. Bellfort and until we got to on Runnymead and then we would turn left away from Cunninghams' RX and Beldons. We would drive down Runnymeade and turn on to S. Rice heading North to JC Pennys. There was an unusual house on the corner of S. Rice and Runnymeade. It was box shaped with a flat roof, adn it had what I deemed "a small sculputure garden" on the S. Rice side. The house also had unsual glass brick with cutout shapes in them. Does anyone have any information regarding this home?

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Oops - I replied to the status thing you posted, so I'll paste it here:

That's 9703 Runnymeade, and I believe the original owner (maybe second) lives there. I'd knock on the door!

To clarify, the current owner (or son of, perhaps) that owns it purchased it in 1963, though HCAD lists the home being built in 1959 (which could be suspect, knowing HCAD isn't right a lot of the time).

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  • The title was changed to Question Regarding A Mod Home At S. Rice Ave. & Runnymeade St.
  • The title was changed to Home At 9703 Runnymeade Dr.

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