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Home At 7623 Bryonwood Dr.


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As posted on swamplot.com this morning, this late 50's home is slated to be demolished: http://har.com/HomeValue/dispSoldDetail.cfm?MLNUM=6432871#

Pity as the overall quality appears quite workable -- not to mention original. It's not often you'll find well maintained and non-altered homes of this ilk... no doubt such will be replaced with a home akin to what's next door.

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I'm ok with them tearing that one down... I don't see any significance in it. There are probably 10 more in the neighborhood just like it.

I would hope they would not build something like next door, I just do not understand why someone builds a custom home that has almost nothing "custom" about it.

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In the listing the Agent says, "Home has some storm damage from IKE. This home is a well constructed, built in the 50s,could be repaired and made back into a nice residence."

Just because a home is built does not make it "perfectly fine". There are many reasons why a home could and even should be torn down. I personally live in a home that is built and--looking at photos of it--is "perfectly fine", however I can't wait to tear it down, because the only way to remodel it to fit the lot it sits on would be ridiculous. This one is already damaged and needs a total gut job to be returned to any former glory (if it ever had any). Architectural significance would be the only reason I would want to save it, and this home has none.

After saying that I should clarify that I would rather look at this home (repaired) than some monstrosity "custom" copy of a McMansion a builder throws up in 4 months.

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Well...the meaning and interpretation of perfectly fine, tear downs, salvageable, and so on are all on a continuum, and we all identify differently on that continuum.

Too bad that probably 90% of new builds (especially in that market) will be (imo) bloated, obtrusive, and poorly planned houses.

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