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Burdette Keeland


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Here are two more from Arts and Architecture - any information on status and location would be much appreciated!

Small house in Texas by Burdette Keeland:

-in southwest Houston

-five wooded acres on a ravine





and Small house by Burdette Keeland:

-speculative U-shaped house in Houston




^odd fellow there :P


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The second house is in Meyerland. From the Houston Architectural Guide:

"5146 Jackwood Street

1955 Parade of Homes House

(1955) Burdette Keeland

These blocks of Meyerland, once characterized by Larry McMurtry as the dullest subdivision in Houston, were built out with 30 houses constructed for the Houston Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes in 1955. W.K. King broke ranks with the contemporary style ranch houses and allowed Keeland to produce this flat-roofed steel-framed, Miesian courtyard house, furnished by the Knoll Planning Unit. It was so much more expensive to build than the other houses that King withheld the sales price..."

I really like the first house; the wing on the left reminds me of Mies's Farnsworth House.

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Ah yes, thanks. That's the one in Ephemeral City that was mentioned as being like Arts and Architecture case study houses in Los Angeles.

"The complete exposure of the house's steel-frame structure and insulted panel roof deck, and its use of hard red paving brick (associated more with Caudill Rowlett Scott rather than Philip Johnson), gave it a tectonic character that was rigorous yet appropriate to a domestic setting. The tectonic detailing of the house was so refined - the drywall panels appeared to be set in individual frames - that the exposure of construction is not abrasive. The integration of the courtyard into patterns of use meant that it functioned as the center of the house rather than as a sealed landscape installation viewed from within."

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