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What are good alternatives to Macys for "urban" T-shirts and hooded jackets?

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I'm specifically interested in medium-sized or large stores. My friends and I went to a smaller shop in Rice Village and couldn't believe the prices.

So far my option is Burlington Coat but I've called 2 two stores in Webster and League City and they haven't answered.

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If you're looking for graphic T's, I would recommend Bustedtees.com. Locally, try the big places like Walmart, Target, Kohls, Marshalls, Ross, and BCF. Steve and Barry's was the best - but i think they're going out of business. :(

This is going to hurt feelings, but to drop a dime in places like Urban Outfitters, or A&F is just sad. Especially when you can find the same designs at the above stores for at least half the price.

I know you might feel lame and "uncool", but once you (and I'm not singling you out - I'm just speaking in generality) get over it, you'll find yourself suffering from Costanza wallet more often again. B)

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