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SXSW Music Sampler Torrent Released


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Ok, my download finished. I need some suggestions on what to check out though. There is too much!


Yeah, its a lot to take in. I've just been jumping around and playing a few seconds of a song, fast forward a bit if I like the beginning and then listening to the whole song if it still sounds good. There's a very large mix of genre.

A few I've liked:

Jay Semko - International Superstar (kinda Tom Petty-ish)

Jeffrey Steele - These Days (warning, this is country and only 77 second sample. This guy has been behind the scenes for a long time. For example he wrote What Hurts The Most for Rascal Flats)

Kim Beggs - Wanderer's Paeaen (Sounds like folk music I think)

LZ Love - Loose (Very 70s Soul)

Arkells - The Boss is Coming (Dig this song, voice sounds kinda Sammy Hagar)

David Kirton - Green Camouflage (reggae)

Diplomats of Solid Sound - Trouble Me (kinda 50s!)

Ezra Furman and the Harpoons - Take Off Your Sunglasses (fun voice, harmonica)

Frank Turner - Long Live The Queen

Geeks - Get Back (catchy tune)

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Slow Motion Tag Team (warning, dance music)

Samantha Shelton - Runaway (female vocalist, pleasant pop tune)

Seth Walker - Rewind (a 50s-60s sound, with some horns mixed in)

Susan Hickman - Sunday Paper (catchy country tune)

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - Death or Radio

I've only scratched the surface though, and of course it is subjective.

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