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I am looking for some help on how to build a deck that would be flush with the rest of my landscaping. Here are some photos of what I am looking to build. Any ideas on the basic framework for this? Photos will be posted soon on my whole backyard landscaping.

Questions about the deck build.

Would the wood on the deck be touching the soil below or should it be dug down to avoid direct contact?

Draining concern -Should I be concerned about digging the deck lower than the rest of the landscaping?

What type of wood should I use that would be long lasting and econimical?

Share any other concerns I should have about having a flush deck.




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Depends on what type of wood you prefer to use, but if you plan to use treated pine, there is one that is treated at a higher pressure that is rated for contact with the ground. It is .40 pcf, or something like that. Pressure treated pine that is not in contact with the ground can be .25 pcf.

Obviously, a deck that is even with your lawn will have a subdeck frame. This requires that dirt be removed. This low spot will collect water, which can shorten the life of the wood frame as well as cause mosquitos to breed. You want to include a way for this low spot to drain.

Otherwise, there are very few concerns. A deck right on the ground doesn't need piers for support. Just buy 12 inch squares of concrete pavers to rest the frame on. Because it is sitting on the ground, you could even get away with a 2x4 frame rather than 2x6. You just decrease the spacing between the joist, and add more concrete pavers for it to sit on.

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looking at the wood deck, I see a small square cut out in the middle...guessing this is a pump to remove water. I would put in a small square catch basin with a pump that turns on when it fills up....you can use 1 3/4 pvc and run it to another part of the yard or street. I am using one now and it works wonders

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Going flush again sod will present some challenges. Going flush against pavers and bed might be the more feasible and economical solution. Like mentioned above, drainage underneath is key.

Good luck though, and please post pictures your results!

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