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Jefferson Elementary In Stafford/Missouri City


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Different Jefferson Elementary - that one's nowhere near Stafford. It's on the north side, near Fulton and Cavalcade. Used to be a polling place for the precinct I live in.

Oops, ok, sorry, I tried. If it's in Stafford, guess it wouldn't be on a HISD school link.

You're right, no quick googling for that answer.

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My kids went to E. A. Jones Elementary in the Ft Bend ISD in the late 60's- early 70's. Kids from both Stafford and Missouri City went there. The only other elementary schools that I remember in the FBISD at that time were in Sugar Land and Quail Valley. I think Quail Valley Elementary came about in the early 70's. Here is some info and history on the schools in that area that may help. Does not mention a Jefferson Elemenary though. Do you know where, in Stafford, it was located?

This thread probably ought to be in the Sugar Land and the Southwest forum of the Houston Metro subject.

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cryofan - are you positive that you went to elementary school in Stafford? I've lived in Ft. Bend County (S. Post Oak & W. Ridgecreek) for 39 years and I know of no school in this immediate area by that name.

What years did you attend this elementary school? I grew up out here, so I'm very familiar with all of the elementary, secondary / junior highs, and high schools that have been built and attended since 1960 through 2009.

I've completed an exhaustive search of FBISD and Stafford ISD schools and there are no records of an elementary school by the name of Jefferson in Stafford, Missouri City, Sugarland, Arcola, Fresno, Richmond, Rosenberg, or Kendelton.

Are you absolutely positive that was the name of the school?

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  • The title was changed to Jefferson Elementary In Stafford/Missouri City?
  • The title was changed to Jefferson Elementary In Stafford/Missouri City

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