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Foundation Contractors

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Who are the two foundation guys that always get good recommendations on this Web site? Pfister might be one of them. I thought there was an earlier discussion about this, but I've looked back to September and do not find it.

Anyone able to offer info on the cost involved in getting leaning piers repaired and the house leveled?

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I'll give my positive feedback to Bill Marks at All Texas Foundation Repair because he wouldn't take my money. After coming out to my house and taking all of the measurements, he explained to my wife that the variations we were seeing just weren't worth the expense and possible cracking of walls to fix.

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I have to give Bill Marks a good review too, and I would recommend him to others. All-Texas added a few support piers to my house a few weeks ago for a fair price. There was definitely some lag time from when Bill Marks initially came to my house to bid the job and when the work was actually performed, but when his crew finally came out to my house they knocked out the entire job in 30 minutes.

Before hiring All-Texas I called Pfister 3 or 4 times over a 3 week period, leaving him several voice messages. I never received a return call.

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