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Houstonian Brooke Valentine

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10 Artists to Watch: Brooke Valentine

Houston R&B teen hits big with help from Lil Jon


Who At nineteen, Houston R&B songstress Valentine has already been in the game for more than five years. In 1999, local producer Deja selected Valentine to front a Destiny's Child-style girl group. After the project imploded, Valentine continued working with Deja on solo material, logging so many hours in his studio after school that her mom kicked her out of the house. "She's like, 'When I'm not at work I'm going to be with my daughter,' " says Valentine. "But I was always writing." Her sacrifice paid off: Valentine's debut album, Chain Letter, is out March 15th.

Sound Valentine teamed with Lil Jon and Big Boi for her hit single "Girlfight" and cut the cocky kiss-off "Blah Blah Blah" with Ol' Dirty Bastard shortly before he died. But she's just as comfortable being a girly-girl. On the R&B track "Long as You Come Home," she sings with the vulnerability of her influences Anita Baker and Janet Jackson. "That's me," she says. "One day I'm with a guy and I'm like, 'Shut up!' and then the next day I'm like, 'Hug me!' "

(Posted Mar 10, 2005)

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R&B Artist Mario just announced on 97.9 the box that he is moving to Houston. He is the one that sings "You should let me love you."

He says he likes Houston alot, and his managing company is based in Houston. (Owned by Beyonce's dad)

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I read on a website yesterday (sorry, can't remember which one and couldn't find any other news regarding) that Beyonce's dad is developing a new reality series sort of like "Making the Band" or "American Idol"; a search for the next girl group. He's trying to sell it to a network including MTV. It supposedly will be Houston-based.

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