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Looking For Buildings That Are Vacant With Asbestos

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I am doing a geology report on asbestos. I am looking for some pictures/and or information on buildings in Houston that are abandoned because of asbestos. Thanks.

Buildings aren't typically abandoned on account of asbestos. The problems with such buildings come up when someone is trying to get a permit to remodel them so as to put them to a different use.

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Do a search on HAIF for the Central Square, Texaco Building, and Sheraton. Each of these has, or had, asbestos. The latter two have had abatement, but it is an expensive process. In effect the building needs to be cleaned down to the frame.

Good luck!

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I doubt you'll actually find a building that has been abandoned "because" of asbestos. You will find vacant buildings that have asbestos, but they were vacated for other reasons. There are countless occupied buildings in Houston that have asbestos. As long as it's non-friable, it's not going to hinder occupancy. Even if it is friable, the asbestos is often encapsulated on-site and occupancy continues. Vacancy occurs for other reasons including the functional obsolescence of the improvements, or the unwillingness of an owner to spend money maintaining or improving a building that he believes will eventually be torn down.


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