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NHL In Houston?


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You know, I've been thinking this same thing all along. I love the NHL--having been to just one game made me a fan of it. Hockey is just an amazing sport to watch in person. However, I was the same way with baseball--the most BORING sport in the world, unless you are actually at the game. One game at Minute Maid made (ha-ha) me a quick baseball and Astros fan.

I did a project on the building of Toyota Center and sure enough, there are plenty of items in the Memorandum of Agreement that allow for an NHL team. Couple that with the fact that when Alexander and Carl Watson were both competing for an NHL team, Gary Bettman himself said that if Houston got a team, Alexander would be the owner.

Then we also have the overtures from Bettman after Toyota Center opened--basically saying Houston would be an ideal place, but it would have to wait until after the labor dispute was settled.

Edmonton's owner really talked like his franchise was on life support. Alexander tried buying them once before, maybe he'll try again. Looks like we could have the Houston Oilers once again. Talk about a wierd moment in time if that happens.

Does Bud Adams own the name "Houston Oilers" or just "Oilers"?

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i believe bud adams owns the name oilers is somehow linked to the NFL, and shouldn't have anything to do with an NHL name. Though it would take a while to get used to having a team called the houston oilers again. not sure they would want that association.

i think i remember the name only being owned in reference to the NFL, plus it just makes sense since team names like the cardinals exist in two different professional sports, and at one point they were even in the same city.

and yes, baseball was pretty boring for me as well until i went to minute maid and had a few beers.

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And I really don't think we have enough Yankees to support it, anyway.

that's what they said in dallas before the stars, and that team has done a lot for the city. we have a bigger hockey following down here then what you would guess, and houston is big enough to make a market for anything. c'mon, nashville has a team...

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