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Are you a naive parent?


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from the linked story on KHOU:

The best advice from police how to know if your kid is involved with a gang is to know whom your kids are hanging out with.

And if they're involved in extracurricular activities such as football, band, theater or drill team that's a good sign because they are less likely to be hanging out with bad apples.

-nuff said.

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i don't know whether they are clueless or just don't care.

I would say that they (secretly know) and are only embarrassed to admit once the camera is turning or they are having to talk to the cops. Like I mentioned in the past, some of the parents are from the same brood. It can go from generation to generation. Some of the them see as "matter of fact" and accept the lifestyle as "just being a kid".

How many times do we see the parents being interviewed on TV and they say "Oh my child would never be involved in that kind of crowd". MY CHILD and you see this big lumbering, tatooed thug of 19 or 20 yrs of age. :wacko:

my innocent child.

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