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Little Pearl Harbor


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Here is the Venus Theater on Lyons in Denver Harbor! Notice the film being shown good old Jerry Lewis comedy!

The Venus Theatre at 6515 Lyons. It, along with its sister theatre, the Galena in Galena Park, belonged to Oscar Korn’s O.K. Neighborhood Theatre circuit.

Thank Nena for the web link! :lol:

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Like others growing up in Houston, I had never heard of these places Podunk & Frenchtown. Interesting, I like the old b/w pics. Heard of Denver Harbor. Mom had relatives there.

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J.R. Gonzales' blog/ link to pictures of Lyons Avenue, Then & Now...


The Roxy Theater is seen in the first photo.

It's a miracle the Park & Fire Station are still on Lyon's Avenue after all these decades!

When I attended Elliott Elementary down the street around 1967-68, we kids all walked with the teachers to that park for a day of fun. :D Funny how innocent the days seemed for us children not realizing the Vietnam War was raging on what seemed like another world away. Woodstock and even more bizarre events were just around the corner. Turbulent days indeed.

Wish we had more participation from DH folks here!

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