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iT'Z Entertainment Venue Coming To Tomball


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From the May 7th Houston Business Journal

Two family-themed entertainment venues are gearing up to open their doors in the Houston market.

Dallas-based iT'Z will open its first location in the Houston area at 18355 Tomball Pkwy. on the northwest corner of Highway 249 and FM 1960.

iT'Z will feature more than 150 video games, bowling, indoor amusement rides and a retail outlet, as well as a wide variety of foods in its 70,000-square-foot location.

Sounds like that place that Microsoft's Paul Allen built in Seattle.

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i drove by yesterday and saw that they put the sign up already. If you look close enough, I think that there is an indoor roller coaster located inside.

I believe it starts inside and acutally take a turn outside of the building.

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any pics on this place?? this area is growing. first i see the put in that new PF Changs now this..i look forward to seeing it. i guess chuck e cheese is no longer cool? lol

I think Chuck E Cheese became no longer cool when it went it stopped serving beer.

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