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Blessed Sacrament Catholic School At 4015 Sherman St.

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This from GHPA:

Wrecking crews began demolishing historic Blessed Sacrament School late Monday afternoon. Although some salvage work was done, most of the building materials, including tons of historic brick donated by the Brady family in 1910, will become part of the approximately 19.5 million cubic feet of building materials sent to Houston landfills every year.

GHPA would like to thank all of the preservation supporters who contacted the Diocese of Galveston-Houston to oppose the demolition of this local landmark.

We especially want to thank volunteer Ray Jones for his tireless effort on this project. Thanks also to Houston Chronicle design reporter Deborah Mann Lake for bringing this story to a wider audience.

The loss of Blessed Sacrament School further demonstrates the need for better public policy to protect our architectural and cultural heritage. As members of GHPA, you can help by discussing these issues and educating those around you. Until Houston has a critical mass of citizens who appreciate the importance of our shared heritage, we will continue to lose irreplaceable historic resources.

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I imagine only the church remains now? Just curious. Havent seen a photo of this church in decades. :unsure:

I don't have a photo, but a new building has been installed where the old structure stood. I attended Blessed Sacrament in the late 1970s and remember the old building. The top story was a spacious social hall with a stage. We would have our pep raillies, stage events and school dances there. The street level was where my sixth, seventh and eighth grades classes were held.

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I only attended a few days of catechism class at the school around 1975-76. It was fun since bus picked us up (I think) after Jacskon Jr High. It was always kind of a field trip to us. I recall the classrom was very old and outdated. Now that seems almost dream-like when I think about it. It was too much of a hassle for us and I did not finish catechism, bummer. 20 Our father's and ten Hail Mary's for me! :):(

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My grandparents were married at that church, in that particular building, in December of 1919. My father was born, a respectable 10 months later, at a house on 66th St. and Texas Ave. His birth certifiate indicates Harrisburg, Texas as the place of birth.

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  • The title was changed to Blessed Sacrament Catholic School At 4015 Sherman St.

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