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  1. Likewise, I ride Metro buses and MetroRail regularly, including after dark. I have not once felt the least bit unsafe. Yes, the park n ride numbers are in Metro's monthly ridership reports. Average daily ridership is running 28,007.
  2. There will be a station (east-bound) directly across Rusk Street from this building and a (west-bound) station adjacent to the property on the Capitol side.
  3. Interesting. I had not noticed that before.
  4. I never suggested it would not be controversial. No doubt it will be. (The Dallas developer may be surprised at that, since up in Dallas they just upon the city vaults for anyone who whispers the words "downtown residential".) You may be right on the pricing. I have to agree the location is not quite as nice as One Park Place, but not so sure it's much lesser of a location than Humble or Rice (perhaps a little quieter location than either of those). Depends on what one is looking for. Finished out correctly, it could be a VERY attractive property, IMO. It may depend on the amenities (which they are saying will be high-end) and finish levels. Probably a significantly different product than the loft-like Rice apartments and probably higher-end finsishes than Humber Tower.
  5. I got the rental and square footage numbers from the Chron. You have apparently jumped to the conclusion that the tax credit financing is for low-income housing. Not likely. It is almost certainly an historic rehabilitation tax credit. Why have you assumed that this is "no One Park Place"?
  6. Is voluntarily giving a little personal information (e.g., home address, email address or phone number, and preferred language.) in advance of a flight really giving up an essential liberty?
  7. That would be ideal. But I would accept a spire to reclaim our rightful spot. ;-) In my dreams, Hines will do a career-capping "gift" to Houston, by developing a multi-use project downtown, including a super-tall tower. Something unique and ground-breaking in the way that the Galleria was unique and ground-breaking when Hines developed it.
  8. .... other than the fact that the Allen wake board park is located in a city park
  9. Where do you get "housing for poor people"? These are slated to be approximately 1,000 square foot apartments renting for $2,200/month.
  10. That purchase is (a) much much smaller than the triangle, and ( is not even part of the triangle. The purchase was of only a 3,589 square square foot strip of land. The triangle is 3 acres (approx. 130,000 square feet). The purchased strip of land (according to the articles you linked) is on the northeast corner of the Hidalgo/Post Oak intersection. The triangle is on the southeast corner of that intersection.
  11. Plans usually need updates every once in a while.
  12. Why so much focus on a couple failures in a very high-risk business? In the very recent past, two grocery stores with cafes have opened downtown plus another new club/restaurant (Scott Gertner's). I'm probably missing some recent openings.
  13. As mentioned in another thread on this topic (mods, can we combine threads?), they only leased for 5 years, so it seems they may still be in the market for a new tower.
  14. No need to guess. The article says "Apache occupies its existing space in One Post Oak Central at 2000 Post Oak Blvd. and took additional space in Three Post Oak Central at 1990 Post Oak Blvd."
  15. Yes. So with height being added to one of the near-bottom floors, it is safe to say that Hess signed up rather near the beginning of construction, not when it was almost finished. (its also very likely that the deal with Hess was in the works before construction started, or very shortly after.
  16. LOL. Of course you did... How about this one then? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Toronto_Streetcar_Grand_Junction.jpg
  17. Yes and no. Discovery Tower was indeed started without a tenant. But it was far from "almost finished" by the time Hess signed up. The number of floors and some floor heights were even changed upon the lease signing.
  18. Yes I understand it is like a MUD, but it is pretty novel for a commercial development inside city limits, as you have implicitly acknowledged. I don't think all of your assumptions are necessarily good ones, but that is neither here nor there for the purpose of our immediate discussion. The added annual expense for the developer arising out of the additional District tax is exactly why I said that, ceteris paribus, a developer would not pay as much per square foot for land in this development as they would for an identically developed parcel next door where the infrastructure was financed in a traditional manner. I see no reason that this kind of financing cannot work... Indeed it seems logical that it should result in lower total costs, because of the use of tax-free financing to fund the infrastructure. Whether this particular development, with what appears to be more elaborate, more expensive infrastructure, will work is, of course , a different question.
  19. Isn't it just a different way of financing the infrastructure? Any development has to recover the cost of their infrastructure, whether it is in the price of the developed parcels or in this novel way of paying back bonds with ad valorem taxes. Presumably, EpiCentre would not be able to get as high a price per developed parcel, ceteris paribus, than a developer who self-financed the infrastructure.
  20. Wow. Great pic. Thanks for posting. Any idea where it was taken from?
  21. How can that be? They have the world's best mass transit system, and all of the best real estate developments... ;-)
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