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  1. I view it as ok, but it could have been in my opinion a lot better, and since funding is always being fought for train money I would have liked to seen the best option put in place since who knows when we will get another chance. For all of those who continue to think I do not know about the uptown line of course I know it's going in (at some undetermined point). The crossing of those two trains right next to the galleria (and the 5 or 6 apartment complexes and other buisnesses right there) would have made perfect sense, which is my point. For the university line specifically as we'll see when the uptown line gets put in. Yes all the people could potentially walk the extra half a mile each way (your basically having to walk a full mile from the stop to the galleira mall now) and under the overpass to Bellaire where right now there is nothing. If it does get built up and the area continues to add density then great but to me that added walk especially when ridership numbers count does not make sense. If you need to get to the hilcroft transit center it should have switched across westpark after post oak and outside the loop.
  2. I was not part of the debate three years ago. I am voicing that I agree with those who would put the rail down Richmond, if as the Niche has stated that it will get more passengers at the hilcroft transit center is true then that is great and I hope it is as that is fine as that is the goal. (I do believe however that there would be more passengers on this train if it went to the corner of Richmond and Post Oak and then made it's way to Hilcroft). You act as if someone had one conversation once then it can not be mentioned again.
  3. Isn't the opposite "basically" what drove them to force the lines off Westminster and Richmond in the first place?
  4. No one is forcing you to participate, if you are done with the conversation don't worry about it, I am not going to reiterate all of the arguments for this line going into uptown as they are already listed in this thread but I do agree with them. You are the one who said we should not care.
  5. I agree, in fact the frustration with this line not going to uptown is one of the main reasons I started looking for pro-rail people eventually leading me to join this forum. It might not be a big deal for you, Highway6 in Montrose, but speaking as someone from uptown this remains very significant. I also encourage people to go to one of these meetings, to let them know this needs to be fixed.
  6. That is correct. "WASHINGTON - The committee chairman described it as a "food fight," an after-midnight bout as Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold tried to jimmy legislation to block federal money for Metro to build or extend the University and Uptown light rail lines. In the end, his effort failed. But the wrangling in the wee hours last week spotlighted the countless little-noticed struggles that take place across Capitol Hill as lawmakers try to steer taxpayers' dollars toward projects they favor – and away from projects they oppose." http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Attempt-to-block-MetroRail-funding-fails-3159794.php On a side note, metro still has the university line listed as preparing for final design. Anyone think I should hold out hope that it once again goes into uptown instead of the warehouse district of Bellaire ? (I know they rezoned for an urban center but the plans as were discussed here are underwhelming) http://www.gometrorail.org/go/doc/2491/418119/
  7. This is a work in progress, we can change things as we go along. The size and scope will depend on the response we get from everyone. I will begin compiling what I have when I get it (an admittedly slow process but I don't think that is a problem), some of this will be from my own footwork especially if others are not looking to input. Each area will have a general description and map of where it is, also how to get there is a big part of the site. I disagree about not categorizing them in areas, when visiting any city it has it's own specific areas and that is usually how I go about finding a place when I am a tourist. We have a large group of critics here, a focus group if you will, as the site develops we can make changes with suggestions. I disagree about it needing to be professionally designed, I believe we can accomplish what we like to on our own. As for the details being off line, unless we are breaking any forum rules my thoughts are the development can be discussed here. I would be interested to hear peoples feedback. Most importantly, by no means view what is up there as a final product, it is about an hours worth of work in my spare time one night.
  8. If you currently visit www.thebayoucity.org, I started constructing it last night (there is not much up yet but construction will be visible for those who would like to follow), i would like to point out a little more vision. In addition to what I mentioned above I would like to have RSS feeds from the latest forum entries from thehaif, latest blog entries from swamplot and a community calender of events. Comments and constructive criticism on this thread as we go along are appreciated.
  9. That is great that there are sites that focus on the development of new attractions for Houston and I hope that people like ToryGattis continue to encourage this. I strongly believe in the effort to put up something that truly shows people how to best experience the city and will continue with that effort at www.thebayoucity.org. My vision for this would be collecting pictures and descriptions of the best attractions from each part of the city, from people who actually live in that part of the city. In addition to a general overview, the descriptions would include the most aesthetic / fun way to get to that destination and the best way to enjoy the attraction (again how the locals do). In addition there will be links to sites and mentioning in news and announcements of proposed or future projects. I have already put up the funds to register the site and will compile everything. Where I could definitely use help is taking high quality pictures of all the places that people suggest to go and encouraging everyone on the haif to particpate. I will do my part with this as well, but I am only one person and things can get done much quicker with help.
  10. What name would you have gone with? I am in the camp (it may only have my tent) that I do not like the Houston Texans name because it is not really Houston specific. I wish they were the Oilers. Naming the NFL team the Texans just gives whoever is watching them play the generic Texas brand promotion. I ask those who are reading this thread, what is the generic Texas brand that the Texans promote when they play?
  11. Simbha you and I area also talking about two different things. Which is probably part of the confusion. The area that I will be focusing on will be the attractions and restaurants that we already have and directions on how to experience these places while showing Houston in the best light possible (i.e. the best 360 experience). We do already have a lot in Houston, a large part of the problem that was brought up in this thread, is that many of the people in Houston are not thinking about what is already available to them (most probably because they are transplants). However, the number of transplants in the city also means that there are friends and family other places that could justify a visit purely to see these people. The goal would be for them to come to Houston again and again because how much fun they have rather then the transplants visiting friends and families in whatever city or town they came from. The area that you are looking to focus is continuous improvement of the city. As I have also mentioned several times across this board but less so on this thread is also very important. This of course corresponds very well with what I am trying to do and they definitely have a symbiotic relationship. My site can focus on how to best experience Houston, your site can focus on the vision for the future and we can feed off each other.
  12. telwink, do you still hang around this site? found some great pictures on your flickr account and would like permission to use some of them for our encouraging tourism in houston project
  13. I have registered thebayoucity.org with bluehost.com as they have unlimited pages and unlimited storage. There is nothing up yet, bluehost just has ads up until I get started. I am looking for high quality pictures and descriptions of your favorite places in Houston.
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