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  1. I drove through on West Airport Blvd and noticed they recently changed several signs that used to say "future residential" to "future commercial." That's a lot of future commercial. Perhaps this is going to be a future town-center sort of development? Whatever it is, it's pretty big. Also, a recent press release from their web site:
  2. Also, if Aliana REALLY wanted to kick it up a notch, they'd attract a Costco or Trader Joe's location.
  3. From the article, "... Travis Stone, the new president of Aliana Development Co. Stone took the job after years at the local division of Newland Communities, where he was most recently senior vice president. He oversaw development, sales and operations for the company's four Houston-area communities — including Cinco Ranch and Telfair." I'd expect Aliana to end up a lot more similar to Cinco Ranch and Telfair in the end, with him as the head. Which should be a good thing... apparently the original plans were more geared toward Dallas area buyers and homebuilders, rather than Houston area buyers and homebuilders, whatever that meant exactly.
  4. http://www.chron.com...n/6724217.html# The Chronicle put together a group to assess the course at the Houstonian Golf & Country Club, site of this week's LPGA Tour Championship, and the review scores were off the charts. Even with a wide range of spectacular area courses that would be excellent hosts for tournament golf, the LPGA could not have landed in a better spot than the Houstonian. A Rees Jones-designed course that is difficult without being tricky, the Houstonian will play at about 6,700 yards this week. The wide-open design makes it an almost ideal venue course for viewing tournament play. The way the ropes are set up, the gallery will be in virtual high-five range of the players. LPGA TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP When: Thursday through Sunday. Where: The Houstonian Golf & Country Club, Richmond.
  5. I've driven through a few times, and have been impressed at what there is so far. Any idea when there will be any commercial/retail? I know tons of people just waiting for that HEB to be built! People in Telfair are waiting for it too, apparently they have no plans for a grocery store and the Sienna Plantation fancy HEB is too far. What about the polo field? When will that start hosting games? Seems like Aliana hasn't done much advertising, I'm only just now starting to see some the last few months. The LPGA tour championship will be literally next door this November. I wonder if Aliana and any surrounding communities might get a few people looking at the new homes just from the extra traffic... with a national event like that, hopefully Aliana and the whole FM 1464 area will put their best face forward for that. (It would be a start if someone would clean up that mess of excess signage on FM 1464 where it curves around to meet Hwy 99!) I would think Aliana would take advantage of having a high-caliber event like that next door.
  6. In the case of unincorporated areas, postal addresses really don't mean anything. Sugar Land could take it in the future, but first there would have to be an ETJ land swap with Houston. If this were to ever happen, it would probably be once Aliana has retail built (like the HEB and other planned retail.) This tax revenue would be attractive to any city. This is why the HEB shopping center at Riverpark was annexed. The subdivision surrounding it is next.
  7. I don't think it's located any worse than any of the other new MPCs that are even further out west off the Westpark. And Aliana is closer to Sugar Land and all its amenities than any of those. In fact, word is that Sugar Land wants Aliana. But it would take an ETJ swap with Houston in order for this to happen. With the economy and building slow down, I'm not sure if Sugar Land is still as interested... but once all the retail, especially big box and HEB is built in Aliana, that tax revenue will make Aliana much more attractive.
  8. A lot of carjackings? I don't think so. There was recently a story about thieves targeting Asian households in New Territory believing they had lots of jewelry and cash. I think they were caught though.
  9. Below is what a Fort Bend real estate expert and personal friend told me a few days ago about Aliana: A few builders did pull out of Aliana not because a lack of desirability of the neighborhood, but because of the financial crisis and economic conditions. Banks are requiring builders to show a profit before they will lend for construction nowadays (which is why there is now a shortage of inventory homes on the market), but because the land is so expensive in Aliana (and the developer won't cut land prices to the builders) these few builders have made a business decision to pull out. Those lots will just go to higher-priced, higher margin builders that will charge more for the home. And word is FBISD is to start construction for the Aliana elementary school in 2010, which will open for the 2011-2012 school year; this is what a resident of Aliana told me the school district had recently said.
  10. One or two people? I don't think so. In that case, the entire white population of Houston would be trying to move to the middle of wherever it is all white these days (I don't know of any places like that). How would you explain places like 77079 (west Memorial) still gaining in value? And what about 77479 in Sugar Land, in which the Asian population is as large (in some areas larger) than the white population? Again, another area still gaining in value even in this economic climate (you can look this all up on HAR.com) I don't hear of areas going into decline until there is an overbuild of apartments and low-income housing, and I don't hear of the white population really moving out until the minority population is more like 40%+. And even in that case, if the schools still rank well they may not move out in droves.
  11. When we lived in First Colony, they zoned our little subdivision and the one next to us to schools on the "other side of the tracks" so to say. They tried to rezone another neighboring subdivision to those schools as well, and the parents had an uproar. First Colony, of all places! Just goes to show, you're not safe from this anywhere in FBISD. You just have to make an informed decision and take the chance. I thought Aliana was zoned to Austin High? I would be highly surprised if they rezoned Aliana or anywhere else out of Austin High. Especially if Telfair gets its own high school (though being zoned to Kempner doesn't seem to be hurting sales) and all the New Territory kids get moved out of the Austin High zone and into the new Telfair school.
  12. The low-ball rating was from the troll cali~girl. I tried to even it out. Cheers!

  13. I cut through Aliana today, sort of on the way to somewhere else. I hadn't seen it in about two months. Wow! It's looking really nice. I like the street name signs with the "A" on them. A bunch of landscaping was going in. You know, at first I was skeptical about some people saying it would be like another Telfair... but now I can totally see how that will probably happen. I must admit, I was a tad envious driving through there today! I saw the massive rec center too... I didn't realize it was going up on the east side of FM 1464. I had seen something big going up on the west side in the recent past that I thought was the rec center, but maybe it was just one of the model homes. Wow, I feel like a dork now...
  14. Yes, this is what happened over at city-data. We were even fussed at for not reporting her sooner for being a troll. Long story short: It was basically found out she had some kind of personal beef with one of the homebuilders out of Florida, who happens to be one of the many builders in Aliana. That's the only connection.
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