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  1. It appears HMNS' previous, wildly-popular exhibit, "Death by Natural Causes," is returning this July - See the updated Online Visitor's Guide: visit_online_visitor_guide.pdf (hmns.org)
  2. While Google maps is yet to catch up, Bing maps shows the new Commons in-progress... (Attached image a screenshot from the latter.)
  3. New, expansive construction walls are up for the forthcoming "Jack's Cafe" at Houston Zoo. A look at the current work on-site:
  4. Yep, surely enough... They should probably just throw out the 3/21 event. (I can't make the 8th, unfortunately, and since the hall will already be open, I probably won't bother with the 3/21 time.)
  5. (Advertised event - for which I've had tickets - seems to remain posted online as being 3/21...?) Link here: Events - HMNS
  6. Key dates for The Commons were recently e-mailed-out. (Attached image not a replicable invitation.)
  7. Zoo map has been updated to note '2025' as opening year for 'Jack's Cafe' - (used to say 'Future site of Jack's Cafe.') Gate Map 2024.02_Web_English (pcdn.co)
  8. Some current photos of the forthcoming, new Matter and Motion (Hall of Chemistry and Physics), apparently opening in March, at HMNS: (Photos and opening outlook courtesy of a post by PBExhibits, on their Facebook page.)
  9. In case you've missed it: A fairly spectacular new theme park opens next year, there in central Florida: Construction forum: Universal Epic Universe construction updates (themeparx.com) Main site: Universal Epic Universe | Universal Orlando Resort
  10. Looks like a rooftop pool is on its way to POST - Post HTX :: Plans :: Higbie Ventures (higbieplans.com)
  11. Site note... The quote on page 11 was verbatim, from feedback from me... 🙂 Hermann Park Master Plan Executive Summary by Hermann Park Conservancy - Issuu (Pleased they went and really did it, for that Houston heat...)
  12. Just now opening up in Kansas City: Pennway Point | Pennway | 2500 West Pennway Street, Kansas City, MO, USA ^Something like this, at the end of Avenida, is what I'd hoped for, for the Minute Maid mixed-use site. Fam. Ly. Attraction(s). See also/again St. Louis' Union Station: St. Louis Union Station | St. Louis, MO (stlouisunionstation.com) For adjacent to Minute Maid, however, I'd instead employ an R80XL (by Bussink/Chance), however to up the game to match New York City's/Munich's wheel, and get ours centered at an angle on the Avenida sight line: R80XL — BUSSINK® ^AstroWheel?
  13. .... Was hoping this development would've ended up being a more baseball-oriented version of St. Louis' Union Station: St. Louis Union Station | St. Louis, MO (stlouisunionstation.com) Downtown still needs more attractions for families.
  14. The rocket slide feature, as seen from what I guess I’ll call the “goose trails” - The limestone, water-side seating areas are looking good, otherwise.
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