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  1. (Advertised event - for which I've had tickets - seems to remain posted online as being 3/21...?) Link here: Events - HMNS
  2. Key dates for The Commons were recently e-mailed-out. (Attached image not a replicable invitation.)
  3. Zoo map has been updated to note '2025' as opening year for 'Jack's Cafe' - (used to say 'Future site of Jack's Cafe.') Gate Map 2024.02_Web_English (pcdn.co)
  4. Some current photos of the forthcoming, new Matter and Motion (Hall of Chemistry and Physics), apparently opening in March, at HMNS: (Photos and opening outlook courtesy of a post by PBExhibits, on their Facebook page.)
  5. In case you've missed it: A fairly spectacular new theme park opens next year, there in central Florida: Construction forum: Universal Epic Universe construction updates (themeparx.com) Main site: Universal Epic Universe | Universal Orlando Resort
  6. Looks like a rooftop pool is on its way to POST - Post HTX :: Plans :: Higbie Ventures (higbieplans.com)
  7. Site note... The quote on page 11 was verbatim, from feedback from me... 🙂 Hermann Park Master Plan Executive Summary by Hermann Park Conservancy - Issuu (Pleased they went and really did it, for that Houston heat...)
  8. Just now opening up in Kansas City: Pennway Point | Pennway | 2500 West Pennway Street, Kansas City, MO, USA ^Something like this, at the end of Avenida, is what I'd hoped for, for the Minute Maid mixed-use site. Fam. Ly. Attraction(s). See also/again St. Louis' Union Station: St. Louis Union Station | St. Louis, MO (stlouisunionstation.com) For adjacent to Minute Maid, however, I'd instead employ an R80XL (by Bussink/Chance), however to up the game to match New York City's/Munich's wheel, and get ours centered at an angle on the Avenida sight line: R80XL — BUSSINK® ^AstroWheel?
  9. .... Was hoping this development would've ended up being a more baseball-oriented version of St. Louis' Union Station: St. Louis Union Station | St. Louis, MO (stlouisunionstation.com) Downtown still needs more attractions for families.
  10. The rocket slide feature, as seen from what I guess I’ll call the “goose trails” - The limestone, water-side seating areas are looking good, otherwise.
  11. Went looking for any updates on the forthcoming Hall of Matter and Motion, and found this page over at PBE: Matter & Motion Chemistry Hall — PBExhibits ^Page seems to include several images of exhibits already in-place, there at HMNS.
  12. Some great aerials of the Galapagos Islands exhibit, from SHR's website: https://shrstudios.com/hz-galapagos
  13. The 2022 'TEA Theme Index' from AECOM is available for referencing. HMNS holding at no. 11 amongst US-wide museum attendance. AECOM - TEA Theme Index 2022.1 (1).pdf(Review) - Adobe cloud storage Additional link, here, if that above doesn't work: Events & News - Themed Entertainment Association (teaconnect.org)
  14. (Pin drop ended up on the Carousel building. Actual site for 'Birds of the World' is back up between 'South America's Pantanal's' aviaries and the backside of 'Galapagos Islands.' The online Zoo map has been updated to reflect forthcoming 'Birds of the World' and even 'Jack's Cafe' - GateMap2023.4_Englishweb (pcdn.co) )
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