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  1. Grew up there and went to the same local h.school as my Parents & Grandparents. My family has lived in the area since the 30's and it's always been Studewood until you refer to the "The Heights", at this point "Independence Heights" generally comes into the discussion as Studewood is part of the "Independence Heights". They are one in the same, just when describing the the location it's easier to speak in terms of the "The Heights".
  2. The Joule and Charlie Palmer ROCK!!

  3. Just had to say this...Happy 4/20. lol

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    2. Trae


      Well, maybe he's a college student? You're right about that though. My entire FB feed yesterday was filled with 4/20 celebrators and haters.

    3. sowanome


      college was a few yrs ago and who said i was toker? Sorry to bring out hateful feelings..U sound a like conservative during alcohol prohibition. I should start a thread on how people feel on this..would be interesting.

    4. sowanome


      too bad i'm not a drinker, but I'm definitely not a hater..hate hate hate

  4. btho ?=Beat The Hicks Ole Irish! lol

  5. He's pretty much the best, why mot pay him? People leave jobs everyday to earn more...

  6. Star Pizza is the best and I'm a fan of "Chicago" style deep dish....you just have to have the appetite for it.
  7. Yeah, Chicago has a few versions of the Tower/brownstone & townhome action going, specifically in the Museum Park Tower area http://www.museumpark.com/home.asp, and it's wonderful and looks really pristine. This may be new to Houston, but it's great for an urban environment that's in need of non-high rise living.
  8. Sounds good...I'm visiting in a few months and plan to stop by
  9. I agree about the VW "CC", i saw it again at the car show last night and it almost resembles the Mercerdes CLS at half the price.
  10. Join the club, I'm in the south loop and from the looks of the picture, the editor must live in Streeterville ? The riverwalk area in naperville is great and so is their downtown...I've spent a lot of time out there over the past 5 yrs.
  11. Wish you the best of luck, I will definitely check this out the next time I'm in Houston!
  12. Wow, sounds exciting...however, I'd rather see this somewhere inside the loop b/c it'd definitely bring more density to wherever it's located. Kudos to Pearland..
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