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  1. When I went they didn't have xiao long bao on the menu, but had it as a "special". I thought it was weird they don't have them normally when it's in the name. Between Dough Zone opening and Wanna Bao nearby, I wonder if they are trying to have a more diverse menu.
  2. Reducing lanes from 2 to 1 makes turning easier and safer because it's fewer lanes to cross.
  3. Ground floor retail space for two restaurants.
  4. You aren't a commuter, you're just recreating your way to work 🙃
  5. Is this BS or accurate? Why does he care so much about the fire department?
  6. That Starbucks isn't open to dine-in customers anymore, pickup only.
  7. The only reason someone would need a car to access their home is if the only entrance to the home was a weird garage door that opened for cars but nothing else. You don't need access to your home via a car. If you did, people who utilize other means of transportation could not live there, which is just untrue. If your property doesn't have a place to store a car, you end up relying on on-street parking. If you live on a street with lots of people in the same situation, you may not find a parking spot near your place, and have to park a block or two away. Or you have access to a parking garage but it's a block away from your home, same situation. To say you need a car to access your home is simply untrue. To say you need access to your home via car isn't true at all, it's just a convenience thing. The point @mollusk was making was about how often the streets are being used for certain modes of transportation should dictate how we allow the street to be used, the same argument people are making about the bike lanes on 11th St. If no thru-traffic is being used on a street, and it's local residents only, then we could convert the street into a glorified driveway for those residents only.
  8. There is already a coffee shop here opening called Pavon, is this a second one?
  9. https://nohighernowideri10.com/I10AlternativeOption.pdf
  10. What's the point if it isn't frequent?
  11. The train station being at POST would make it one of the best Amtrak stations in the country for food. If they could trade the parking lot near the platform with the current Amtrak parking area, I think something could work. There's even a pedestrian walkway underneath the highway connecting the two areas.
  12. Has anyone looked at the safety improvements that were made in this section? Could this be re-worked to be safer but still allow the turning lane to the church? The new section reminds me of 11th street between Shepherd and Durham in the Heights.
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