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  1. Kind of like West Village in Dallas - I'm excited about the project and glad that they're building it.
  2. Driving by the other day, I noticed that construction is starting to take place at City Centre. Good news! I went to their web page and spotted this from the HBJ: CityCentre explodes with roster of high-end tenants Houston Business Journal: February 2007 Bits and pieces of news about the much-ballyhooed CityCentre development in west Houston have been trickling out for nearly two years. But this week, followers of the project hit an information gusher. Executives with Houston-based Midway Cos., which broke ground on the $500 million CityCentre venture last month, finally revealed details about the mixed-use project
  3. I would go with the Derek... nice hotel, hip style, good bar, etc. We really enjoyed it when we stayed one random weekend.
  4. The fact that it is a Harwood Taylor house should stand on its own without her making it sound like this house won the Good Brick Award.
  5. Mitchell sold the house directly to Yudofsky in 1990. During the years that he owned it, nothing was done to keep it up or restore it... essentially, the house was left to slowly fall apart. Yudofsky claimed that he had tried to do what he could to restore it but, from what neighbors said, he did nothing. The house was razed and subdivided for new construction. Houston Mod made a last ditch effort to save the house or at least document it. Yudofsky was unwilling to let anyone document the house so my guess is that he was concerned that people would indeed see that he did not keep up the house. The house was in bad shape when I saw it - rotting wood, mildew on the house, etc. It was just left to fall apart. Sad...
  6. That's a great house - I have some pictures, too, somewhere. It is very impressive and loooooong.
  7. This must be the old Michael's location... where Chipotle is located. That center has been sliding for years and it is a sizable property.
  8. Let's just hope it goes to someone with the mind to restore it rather than raze it.
  9. Well, with a good throw, I could toss a baseball onto the beltway feeder from my front yard. The beltway is sunken by the Bend but I do know something about noise and feel that particular location would not be bad, at all.
  10. I don't think the noise would be too bad... I know some posters are taking a very negative approach to the location but living in the Bend and being not too far from the Beltway, I think it would be fine. The house is a gem - someone should pick it up.
  11. One of my neighbors notified me of this house - looks nearly original and it was apparently designed by David Crocket (?). Looks like loads of glass. http://search.har.com/engine/indexdetail.c...mp;backButton=Y http://harpictures.marketlinx.com/MediaDisplay/83/hr1783583-2.jpg http://harpictures.marketlinx.com/MediaDisplay/83/hr1783583-7.jpg http://harpictures.marketlinx.com/MediaDisplay/83/hr1783583-8.jpg http://harpictures.marketlinx.com/MediaDisplay/83/hr1783583-10.jpg http://harpictures.marketlinx.com/MediaDisplay/83/hr1783583-11.jpg http://harpictures.marketlinx.com/MediaDisplay/83/hr1783583-14.jpg
  12. Well... I wouldn't say massive at all. Yes - there is some traffic but not that bad. That looks like a nice house and the price is definitely right.
  13. North of the Freeway crowd? What are you talking about? I know what you're insinuating but that's ridiculous. Personally, I love Old Navy.
  14. How about Houston Jewelers on Westheimer/Gessner (not the rinky dink version that is now two blocks east)
  15. Did anyone mention Frost Brothers? The Randall's at Dairy Ashford and Memorial was a Handy Andy whereas the first Randall's (now gone) was at Kirkwood at I-10, right next to TG&Y.
  16. Apparently the architect is from Austin and he is designing the house for his father.
  17. I've heard rumors that b/c of the proximity of all the new construction, it would be extremely difficult to implode. That being the case, taking it apart piece-by-piece would be more expensive than renovating the building. So... that might be good news... no telling.
  18. Since saving this building is one of the key missions of Houston Mod, can we get this post back on the Houston Mod thread where it originated?
  19. How can someone be in the energy industry and not know about ChevronTexaco's move from their old bldg to Enron II?
  20. I saw those pictures on the HAR listing - very nice. Hope it goes to a good owner.
  21. Wow... I stand corrected. Looks like a cool house... does anyone have any other pictures they can post? When was it designed?
  22. Doesn't look like a Jenkins-designed house to me. Cool but not Jenkins. I would love to have a port cochere...
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