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  1. 1 hour ago, Luminare said:

    Not surprised. I understand their complaints and empathize, however its not the cities responsibility to subsidize businesses for whatever financial risks they undertake. Its the cities ROW, and they can change it however they please and whenever they wish, and as a business you should be prepared for such things. I'm actually really disappointed with Whole Foods now. I thought they were going to position themselves as genuine local option for that neighborhood, but instead they were actually seeing themselves a grocer for those leaving town after work going home. I thought they might at least be a little bit on board with this because it will actually make walking to that grocer a lot easier for the surrounding neighborhood without the cars dashing from all directions. For the others, again the city isn't responsible for your financial risks. You knew this bridge was closed, and yet you never adjusted your marketing or outreach to draw new customers in? As someone who is normally firmly pro-business and wants to open my own firm one day, I again understand their complaints, but at the same time free enterprise means that the costs good or bad fall squarely on you. What is the ole saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." They put all their hopes this spur would last forever to fuel their business and that is a substantial risk to take. That is not a wise way to run a business. Cities change and they are always adjusting and shifting, and as a business you should be agile enough, and flexible enough to maneuver ones self to the changing tides. Besides, ok the worst that happens is that they fail. I would hate to see that. I'm sure they are great businesses (supposedly), but I'm sure new businesses will gladly take their place to feed off this new change. Maybe ones that will embrace a new dynamic that is centered on the neighborhood and walkability, and not just a place you stop by before you go out to the burbs.

    You sound ridiculous and assume people just have millions laying around to spread their eggs around. There are many small business on the road dude. It's not a subsidy either, the city needs to maintain our infrastructure that we pay taxes for. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Texasota said:

    No I completely agree with all of that. This is just a *huge* lot - I would've like it better if this was integrated into the announcement of redeveloping it as much higher density mixed use development.


    Proposed compromise: it goes in here temporarily, but the redevelopment of the Tower shopping center at Montrose includes either a target or urban sized CityTarget.


    That one opens, this one closes, and then this site gets redeveloped with a new Target integrated. And a Muji. And a Flying Tiger. 


    Done. Make that happen, development gods!

    I don't know if these two cross streets could even support many more large structures without some sort of major reconstruction or public transportation improvements... 

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  3. 2 hours ago, wilcal said:


    Why will shifting over two blocks to use that entrance will "very negatively" impact you?


    Are you a downtown commuter or are you using it as a cut-through from 45 to 59?

    Going from Houston Ave to Museum district using this is a "cut-through"? It's not shifting btw, it's ELIMINATING. How do you know the other lights/entrance can handle people turning during rush hour? Wait till all the highrises start getting occupied. Keep in mind they all have large garages and I can promise you 90% of those people don't plan on riding a bilke or bus to work lmao. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, ToryGattis said:


    Yep, that's what I thought too and then I saw the work stall and wondered what was going on.  The park proposal is from Houston Public Works, so it's very official.  They're seeking input now.

    What can we do to make them hear us?


    I'm most considered about Bagby. I don't mind them adding a light but removing that entrance all together will very negatively impact me on a daily basis. 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, LBC2HTX said:

    I get it, it's like referring to the entire area in Santa Ana / Costa Mesa around South Cost Plaza as "South Coast".  My specific peeve is when people say something like "I'm in the galleria" or "I live in the galleria" when they mean the area not the mall. But i'm just weird like that. 

    It's not just the galleria though, its common here. Lots of people who live by 1960 just say "willow" as in willowbrook and then until recent citycenter area was all just  Town and Country meaning they were referring to a mall that hasn't even existed for a decade.

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  6. 29 minutes ago, bobruss said:

    I agree that the whole area is now called Uptown, however I don't think that became a popular moniker until they started building the Uptown development, on the north end of Post Oak.

    The Galleria is technically a lot more than a mall. There are several office towers, and hotels, and much of the area around the Galleria doesn't mind telling people how close they are to the Galleria. People will call it the Galleria forever. I'm sure a lot more people know the area as the Galleria just because it was the magnet that drew everything to the area, and that's pretty hard to change. I usually call it Galleria-Uptown. That way I know people know where I'm talking about.

    I think a lot of people from Houston call it the galleria area, when it first was built there was literally nothing around there. Uptown is a much more recent invention I feel. When Sakowitz was there it was just the post oak area. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, JBTX said:

    I live across the street and between the food quality going down in the past few years (still great, don't get me wrong, but not as good as it has been in the past) and the fact that the place has been empty for months now (as people have no idea the place is still open) so it comes as no surprise that Andes closed. I, for one, am hoping they re-open in the GFR portion of this building. I'll miss them.

    I believe they are relocating to a project in that's also going up in this area though if it's public I guess I cant say. 

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  8. 51 minutes ago, Texasota said:

    Yeah an absolutely fantastic location, especially as the Caydon stuff continues to come on line. Now if we can just do something about Cadillac...

    The owner of the Cadillac dealership actually has been buying a lot of lots in the area over the least few years so doubt he's going anywhere. I think it's really cool though that such an old dealership building is used for its original purpose. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Texasota said:

    I have only been to Conservatory at night, and generally with at least one woman. Conservatory is a go-to for taking guests from out of town. 

    Are there homeless downtown? Sure, but the idea that downtown is "bum-infested" is hyperbole to say the least. 

    I don't think anyone would deny that DT has a large problem with homeless people or panhandlers. Especially on that corner on the left side from the conservatory. 

  10. I think it looks amazing, this area has literally almost no traffic to the point where over the last few years that have been removing stop lights instead of adding them. The on street parking will actually reduce average speed on the street making it safer for pedestrians and activating the street. Many towns have this parking configuration on their main streets. Excited for this!

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Luminare said:


    Ironically in the end while this will make it a challenge infrastructurally to move people from center to center, the multitude of centers/urban cores we have actually makes our city rather unique. Interesting the cause and effects regulations have both positive and negative.

    What's unique about multiple centers? Many large cities have them including most of our peers like Dallas and Atlanta and of course cities like LA, SF, DC, and NYC. 

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