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Where's the best place to buy fresh fish?

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Airline Seafood 1841 Richmond.

McCains Heights at White Oak.


Airline has the most consistant and varied we have found.

McCains is usually OK but their shrimp is sometimes iffy.

I would steer clear of Randalls, Fiesta and Kroger unless you are making something like fish stew.

You can make some great stew with mediocre supermarket fish.

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Louisiana Foods Cajun & Creole Deli

4410 West 12th Street

Houston, Texas 77057

The Best Seafood Market in all of Houston!!!

Purchase jumbo lump crab meat, stoned crab, crab claws, crab cakes, fish from the East and West Coasts, shrimp, alligator, turtle meat, and a great variety of prepared foods. You can visit our online market for a full list of cajun & creole specialties, exotic meats, fresh fish and shellfish. Its a good idea to call your order in ahead of time so we can have it ready for you when you arrive Expect to wait if you arrive during peak lunch hours, folks around here love our food and line up for it.

Deli hours 10am

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If you're looking for sashimi-quality fish, go to Daido's, a Japanese supremarket on Westheimer in Westchase. That's what we do if we want to have sashimi at home (it's cheaper than going to a restaurant if you just want sashimi and want more variety than the "gringo" stuff sushi chefs throw at you. :-) )

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