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Remember Eatzi's!?

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It was horrible and to many unforgivable how they closed abruptly before thanksgiving leaving many without a thanksgiving meal etc...however my gosh i loved Eatzi's and would go there almost daily as i worked and lived a block away from it...so HOPEFULLY if and when they come back, its close by once again although being close to Whole Foods and Central Market may not be their ideal location...we shall see! 







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I was a fairly regular customer of Eatzi's, and will be happy to see them return, but the local dining landscape is very different now from what it was when they were previously here - there is a lot more competition in the same space they occupied, and there are a lot of newcomers who weren't around for the previous iteration and thus have no memories of it. It'll be interesting to see what location(s) they wind up deciding on.

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