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Riverstone Shopping Center Developments


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Its supposed to be some new offices, or something. (the offices at riverstone). They will resemble the currently existing info center. Also, the LA fitness across the street, in the small shopping center will be getting it's own building(it''s u/c, right across from the info center).



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Does anyone know what's to be built in front of the new LA Fitness in front of Riverstone on Hwy 6? It looks like they're really working on it now. Also, what about all the other retail slots they've built on either side of LA Fitness? It seems like a lot of space to be filled.

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I heard the people at LA fitness say it was going to be a Fuddruckers just the other day. I have also heard they are putting a Schlotsky's in this area also, but I don't know if it will be in the strip center or a stand alone. Take that for what it is worth.

I heard there will be an "ANYTIME FITNESS" coming in February 2007 on Pearland Parkway, just outside the Lakes of Highland Glen. I went to one of these gyms in San Antonio and it is the best thing I have seen so far (they are all over the place in San Antonio). You get a card or keychain that lets you in the gym 24/7/365, the one I toured in San Antonio had security cameras all over the place and panic button necklaces that you can wear if you are working out after hours. You just push the button and the police are notified immediatley. But Kelly, the owner of the gym in San Antonio, said there are something like 300 of these gyms around the country and there has NEVER been any incidents! They had the newest state-of-the art fitness equipment and tanning beds, too. And the same card or keychain operates everything, the doors, the tanning beds, and even the vending machines (so you don't ever have to carry change or your wallet to the gym). You just swipe your keychain at the vending machine and get whatever you want, the dollar or whatever just automatically goes to your account. I have never seen anything like it, I can't wait until they open!

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  • The title was changed to Riverstone Shopping Center Developments

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