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driveway - semi-permeable - anyone done this?

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We are widening an existing narrow driveway. Don't care if the part added on is of a different substance than the oriiginal concrete. I actually think this could be a good thing (plan to have an path extended beyond the new part of the driveway that would "wind around" front yard).

To be environmentally friendly and also because something other than concrete would probably have better aesthetic appeal, would like semi-permeable, i.e something rain is going to go thru rather than run across and down into the gutter.

Have done preliminary search on the web and found:




polypavement (not clear this is semi-permeable but very interesting).

Anyone know a contractor in Houston on this stuff? I'm thinking if I go to just any landscape contractor, he will say yes he can do it but in fact will probably have no experience hence, our driveway would be his learning curve.

Please share info about any experience you might have with semi-permeable (of any kind) driveways.

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I've been looking all winter for someone in Houston with experience installing Grasspave or similar, no luck yet. I want to just pay somebody to scoop out my old gravel driveway and put down about 750 ft2 of Grasspave.

If I can't find someone to do the whole job, then it looks like the base sand surface preparation is similar to preparing for paver stones. If I get a paver company to do that, then I could layout the Grasspave mesh myself.

Sodding is DIY or it's cheap to have done. The only thing I haven't checked out there is the availability and cost of sand-grown grass which is recommended to eliminate mud.

Let us know if you have any luck as I'm really interested in doing this.

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