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  1. I was looking at old schools near the Texas Medical Center and found a public school called Brays Bayou School located on Almeda Road by the old St. Anthony's House. A 1920's map indicates the location differently? Possibly I am misreading things? The map shows the school located on Griggs Road (present day Old Spanish Trail?) near Old Main Street Road. Almeda is a bit to the right. Anyone know the story here? Adele Jones was the school principal & teacher, at one point. The Houston Post 1915: Houston Independent School District Annual Reports, 1914 - 1915: Geological Survey (U.S.) Bellaire Quadrangle map, 1921:
  2. Today I learned about the 1940s hospital in Almeda, Texas. I learned the owner and head doctor was Vivian Keightley who graduated college in Austin, TX. Here's a 1932 yearbook from Austin College called The Chromascope and Key. She was pretty. All the documentation I've read (newspaper articles, corporate registration, and web articles) indicates this hospital was located in Almeda, TX. I'm not sure if it's actually located on Almeda Road itself. A website called Mapcarta said the hospital was located off Almeda Road on Anderson Road. I'm not sure if that's accurate. I have found no writings indicating as such. I have read the hospital was one building, but the property was 30-acres big. The type of hospital was a mental health & substance addiction hospital. Similar that to the old Dr. Greenwood's Sanitarium located on South Main Street (actually located on Old Main Street Road?) The website Opencorporates indicates this as being registered on 7 August 1959 (over 63 years ago) but the hospital was built and active in the 1940s. Latest Events: 1959-08-07 - Addition of officer Vivian Keightley, agent. I found a Houston hospital map from the the 1940s. Here is a transcript of the text from the book. Keightley Hospital: Location: Almeda, Texas. Superintendent and Owner: Mrs. Vivian Keightley. General: This is a 50 bed nervous and mental hospital located approximately 1-1/2 miles from the Almeda Business District. this hospital is a privately owned by Mrs. Vivian Keightley on a site of 31-acres and is semi-fire-proof one story building erected in 1940. Approvals, Accreditation's, and Memberships: Keightley Hospital is registered with the American Hospital Association and has membership with the State Hospital Association It has no other accreditation's, approvals, or memberships. Medical Staff: Dr. Joel Hill and Dr. E.W. Appleby are the two psychiatrists most interested in the hospital and the majority of patients are under their care although a total of approximately 15 physicians from time to time have patients in the hospital. Facilities Available: As previously mentioned, there are 50-beds in the hospital, all in single rooms and these are available to any nervous and mental patient, however the majority of cases are mils and there is a tendency away from acceptance of chronic cases. There is careful selection of alcoholics and addicts but some are treated. There is available fever therapy and such therapy equipment but no laboratory, x-ray, or other diagnostic services are rendered. The hospital does not accept Negro patients. Use of Facilities: It could only be learned that there were approximately 9,125 patient days in 1945 which reflects 50% of occupancy and inasmuch is in March as there were 102 admissions, the average length of stay would approximate three months. Personal: There are three graduate nurses in addition to the owner and there is a total of seven personnel.
  3. I was looking at an old Houston map from Shell Oil Company dated 1956 and came across this circular road in the Texas Medical Center called Cullen Circle. The infamous Texas Medical Center Library AKA Jesse H. Jones Library AKA Houston Academy of Medicine Library has always been housed on the circular road. Present day, the road is called Library Circle. 1956: 2022:
  4. I was looking at a random TMC map online and noticed that Pressler Street used to be called Galen Drive. When did this happen? Who, and what involvement was Galen to the Texas Medical Center? Galen Drive was near the Shriner's Hospital, and near the intersection of Holcombe & Main.
  5. I was browsing a random TMC map and saw a weird thing. When the Shamrock was built, there was a street built, or renamed, in honor. The official Shamrock Hotel address was 6900 South Main Street. I wonder where Shamrock Drive came into play? Shamrock Drive no longer exists and was changed to Pressler Street.
  6. I was looking at a Shell Oil Company map of Houston dated 1956 and noticed the road that circles Hermann Park was called Outer Belt Drive. Edit: Outer Belt Drive became South MacGregor Way, and finally became Cambridge St. Next to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the TMC over the last decade. Outer Belt Drive no longer exists. The street was renamed to Hermann Park Drive. 1956: 2022:
  7. Can someone who was around back in the 1960s answer this? Old Main Street Road, aka Main Street Loop Road, aka Old Richmond Road, was a street that went from Main and Holcombe, east of present day Reliant Park, and then southwest to connect to South Main. There is still a remnant between Main and Fannin. The section from Fannin to Greenbriar was renamed Fannin when Fannin was extended to the South Loop. From Greenbriar to Kirby became the Astrodome parking lot. From Kirby on it seems to have either been developed over or just abandoned. If you look on satellite photos you can see where the street ran, but it isn't on maps. I've just been curious about how such a long street could have just vanished. Were there no houses or businesses on it? On this map it is listed as Old Richmond Road. 1935 Map
  8. CURRENT VERSION: v0.5 - Beta by: Luminare Hello Everyone, I'm proud to reintroduce the HAIF Development Map and Spreadsheet, as PROJECT ASTROPOLIS. This thread will be the new home for updates, improvements, announcements, and discussions about both the Project Astropolis Map and Spreadsheet. Previously due to COVID, and other circumstances pertaining to my work, I had to take an extended hiatus from both the forum, and this project. After a nice break from putting the original map and spreadsheet together, I decided to give the project a reboot, and start off fresh with a new thread, new name, new image, touched up sheets, and several additional sheets with more to come! (NEW) Link to Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1uy6qAEQioisw7lKYbZoJNDrl2k6Ef8ck"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"100367964234737055652"}&usp=sharing (NEW) Link to Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1787Aeyg1wyVCuV5pVMzP4ButKIU7UMTvtdS-fvUQPIw/edit?usp=sharing MISSION STATEMENT: The primary aim of Project Astropolis is to track every project in and around the greater Houston Area. The secondary aim of Project Astropolis is to bring greater awareness to laymen about new or upcoming development, architecture, and construction around them, so they can be better informed about their built environments, and how they might affect their communities or properties. Houston is growing, and is progressing forward, why not feel like you are a part of it? The third aim of Project Astropolis is to someday be, potentially, a valuable resource for those who work at architecture firms, development firms, and marketing firms to assist in future planning, and for a city with no zoning, possibly create synergies between projects to create better communities and a better city. Knowledge is power, and with that knowledge, better future development can come forth. STAFF: Founder Luminare Editor-in-chief Purdueenginerd Admin (TBD) Agents Source Agents (TBD) Neighborhood Agents (TBD) Field Agents (TBD) Industry Agents (TBD) Media Agents (TBD) Source Agent - Contributor who typically works with sources to gather information on a project. Might be specific, or might be general info. Neighborhood Agent - Contributor who typically operates in a particular neighborhood, and understands whats happening in a more local context. Field Agent - Contributor who typically travels to job sites to take photographs to chronicle progress of projects, or talk with those on site to gather further information. Industry Agent - Contributor who typically knows the in's and out's within a particular industry which provides valuable info on upcoming projects, etc... Media Agents - Contributor who typically knows the right publications, or news outlets (and has access to articles), or various social media to get new info on projects. ***Currently looking for candidates for positions listed as (TBD), some have already been reached out too. If you haven't, but would like to contribute please contact either myself (Luminare), or Purdueenginerd via private message on the forum, or you can email the project at: projectastropolis@gmail.com *** FAQ: (TBD) Will fill out once I get questions. CHANGE LOG: (TBD) DISCLAIMER! Project Astropolis should not, under any circumstances, be viewed as an official and/or definitive source of development news and information. Project Astropolis has been put together by development/architecture/construction enthusiasts, therefore it should not be seen as a replacement for actual official and/or legal documentation. All info for Project Astropolis was pulled from readily available public sources or was donated to us via industry sources who were given permission to provide us with such info. While we try our best to keep our info and sources up-to-date as much as possible, due to the fact some sources are pulled from the HAIF forum (among other things) from enthusiasts who are not industry professionals, some info might be speculative, and if this is the case, it will be clearly identified as such. About Projects: In order to not intrude on the privacy of individuals, Project Astropolis will not plot: - individual single family homes - individual single family townhomes As an industry professional myself (Luminare) I understand the private and personal nature of these types of projects, and value the privacy of these project types which individuals undertake. While we will eventually aim to plot large scale townhome and single family tract housing developments, single instances of these home types are special, and should not be the subject to public knowledge. For Property Owners: If you are a property owner of a speculative development, or someone who owns property next to a speculative/potential/proposed development, please do not contact myself (Luminare), or anyone on my staff, for further information regarding such speculative information. These questions should be directed to actual authority figures whether they be in the public sector or private sector. We here only deal in info and tracking of projects. We do not have the authority to change nor halt a potential project, nor will we take down speculative or potential developments as doing so will only harm discussion of future projects within our enthusiast community. For Architecture Firms, Design Firms, Artists, and Developers: If you are an architecture firm, design firm, artist, or developer (among many other industry professionals not listed), please do not contact myself (Luminare), or anyone on my staff, for further information regarding such speculative information. These questions should be directed to actual authority figures whether they be in the public sector or private sector. We here only deal in info and tracking of projects. We do not have the authority to change nor halt a potential project, nor will we take down speculative or potential developments as doing so will only harm discussion of future projects within our enthusiast community. With that being said, if you are an architecture firm, design firm, artist, or developer (among many other industry professionals not listed), please feel free to contact myself or an admin if you see a project on Project Astropolis which was added on here without permission or consent, and you would like to see removed. Unless its one plotted due to the speculative nature of discussions on an internet forum, actual potential or proposed projects, which are not ready to be viewed by the public or have not been published either by yourselves (on your own websites), or via 3rd party publications, should not be on here, for as an industry professional, I (Luminare), understand fully the ramifications a half-baked, incomplete, or a project which has yet to be fully realized, could potentially be damaged, tarnished, or even dropped if subject to the public eye too early, or when your client isn't expressly ready to present it to the public at large. These will be taken down immediately upon request. @Urbannizer @Triton or any other mod. Could I please get this thread made into a sticky thread? I also need someone to take away the old links to the previous map and spreadsheet from the Development List Thread. Thanks.
  9. dbigtex56


    For those of us who are unfamiliar with the block numbering system in downtown Houston, an easily accessed detailed map on the HAIF website showing the number assigned to any block would be helpful. Historic Houston maps are of interest to many people as well.
  10. Since the Pierce Elevated thread is getting so long that this might not be noticed, and because this is important for us to do, I've decided to start a new thread for just the NHHIP Interactive Map which can found below in the link: http://mycity.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=15e9cd4512944ddb9b8f6b23fa9a68c6 If the link doesn't work then go to this link for the entire NHHIP (the link to the map on the website is a few scrolls down): http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/nhhip/index.html Just click the box that says "Let's Comment" then click ok. Once there you will be dropped into the interactive map. Its actually a very comprehensive map. It will initially show just the areas effected, but to the right you will see layers which turn on the schematic drawings. On the left is a window with a template to write your comment. You just click on it and it will ask you to drop it on the map. After that it will ask for more specifics. They even ask for what kind of comment it is. At the bottom of the prompt to select various things is the section "extra comment". This is where you write your actual comment. It has to be brief though as it limits the number of characters. I believe you only get one comment (not sure about that, but its fair to have a limit of one...you know chaos and all that). I've already left a comment. My comment is about the Spur at 59. I've always thought it was awkward that the Spur wasn't part of the original scope. If they are going to focus more on communities with these comments then its worth while to reconsider adding the spur to the scope and submerge it to restitch Montrose and Midtown back together. Its a "once in a lifetime project", right? I encourage my fellow HAIF'ers to leave a comment as well. If this is an opportunity to make your voice heard than you should do so. This is a community that has been discussing this project at length, with ideas and opinions, for years now! Now it seems you will have the ability to act on those ideas and opinions. Of course, keep it civil and sensible. I read one comment about keeping the Pierce as a highway which defeats the purpose of the project which says the person making that comment doesn't understand the purpose of the project. @Urbannizer @Triton is it possible to make this a sticky post? Would appreciate it. Comment away!
  11. http://digital.lib.uh.edu/collection/p15195coll35/item/25 ...believe this one is from 1937. see bottom right date. release date 1957. It has some interesting information. Pre-freeway construction, it helps to use the bayous as reference markers.
  12. The Houston street car book has route maps, but I wasn't able to find a copy at Brazos. I haven't tried the library yet. I can buy a copy directly from the author but it's a bit pricey. Does anyone have a map of the original routes? Galveston-Houston Electric Railway Co. Electric Interurban Railway Streetcar Map from the Stone & Webster Management Association, 1922, and 1923.
  13. Some time ago, I had an old street map of Houston that dated somewhere between 1890-1930's that was a map that showed old places of interest around Houston, and had Grogan's Mill placed on it (at 25th and Yale). I cannot find this map anywhere in my archives and wish to relocate it. Does anyone here of the history buff's have a copy of this old map? I would like to have a copy of it back. theoriginalkj
  14. The Accident Map Google Map showing every road accident involving a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle in Montgomery, Harris, Fort Bend, Liberty and Chambers counties reported to the Texas Department of Transportation between July 2007 and December 2011, by accident severity, with Google street view of accident spots. Zoom in and around, see the black spots on your commute or near your home 244,207 vehicle accidents reported avg 48,000 accidents every year > than 131 accidents per day avg of almost 6 every hour! good news is that all counties are seeing decreasing accident rate (except for Fort Bend county)
  15. I'm really excited about an 1890 map of Houston that was added to the Library of Congress' online map collection since I last checked it. It's about the same size and has about the same level of detail as the online 1913 map. I've made a large jpg copy of the 1890 map and added it to my list of old Houston maps I've found online - it's listed as "1890 - Houston Street Map". I haven't started studying the map yet, but I could tell in putting together the jpg that having a map this old and this large/detailed available online (thanks Library of Congress!) is a pretty big deal (at least to me - but I'm sure to a few others of you as well). Note that in the bottom right corner of the map, it states "FACTS COMPILED TO JULY 1st, 1890" and that, somewhere along the way, someone wrote a "2" over the "0". That may be the reason that the Library of Congress has listed the date as "1890?". Anyhow, the 1913 map has generated so much discussion in various threads - and I always like reading notes about details I missed - that I thought it might be good to have a thread for the 1890 map. Update - some quick observations: What is now Washington Cemetery is labeled "Deutsche Gesellschaft" (the cemetery was started by the Deutsche Gesellschaft von Houston, a group of German businessmen, and renamed Washington Cemetery in 1918 because of anti-German sentiment in the WWI time period) - on the 1913 map, it's labeled "German Cemetery". Frostown looks to be relatively new - there aren't any street names listed - and there is a large building across the bayou, next to the Crystal Ice Factory, labeled "Bayou City Press" - I don't think I've heard of it before. [The Bayou City Press was apparently for cotton pressing, as was the "Peoples' Compress".] Old City Cemetery is on there, and already called Old City Cemetery. There's a "Peoples' Compress" and a "Citizens Electric Light" shown. The water works (in the approximate location of where the aquarium annex is now) are labeled "Water Works Artesian Wells" - reminding me of this article. A street in the Old Sixth Ward that is labeled as "Moore" in the 1913 map is labeled here as "Nicarauga".
  16. Here's a great source of online map images for the area dating from the 1870s to the 1960s: http://www.hctx.net/archives/Maps.aspx My apologies if this has been mentioned before! Browse away!
  17. I know Houston has about six wards, I know the locations of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th wards, but I don't know the locations of 1st and 2nd wards. It would be really helpful to see a map of Houston's wards, and what their boundaries are marked by. Does anyone have a map like that they can post?
  18. I have an old map that shows Holcombe east of Main as Marlborough.
  19. Any one know where I can find old texas road maps? Possibly from around 1970 to 1975. Im working out at the South Texas Nuclear Plant and very curious to what it was like through there before the plant was built. Im very curious about a road that appears to have run through it that is now fenced off and dead ends at the east end of the reservoir. Wondering if this road was the original route of FM 521.
  20. Here's one for discussion... I am looking for a map of the Barkers Reservoir before the Corps took over the land. HCAD shows a network of "closed" streets as well as an abandoned railroad ROW. SOme of the old street ROW's are still visable via Google maps and others.
  21. Google has added a lot of Houston to their street views. You might want to check out your address old and and new. The house I grew up in from 1961 to 1966 4114 Knotty Oaks, Google shows it as 4142, so you might have hunt the street for your house.
  22. Who remembers when the 6800 block of Holcombe was called Bellaire? You will see old business advertisements with an address indication of "Bellaire & Main", meaning Holcombe & Main. I wonder when the City of Houston began to call street at that intersection Bellaire? When did it change to Holcombe? Good memories of an ever-so-expanding Texas Medical Center! Edit: May 25, 1944:
  23. Hi guys and gals. I need everyone's help on this. I tried going to FEMA on this one, but those goofs were no help AT ALL ! I was hoping maybe someone, ANYONE, might have a flood zone map for Houston, or at the very least the WEST side of Houston in the Bear Creek area, (Hwy.6 and Clay) area. Thank you in advance. EDIT: Again, I need a map circa 1970's
  24. I was just in Canyon, Texas, and visited the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum there. One of the exhibitions was of "birds-eye" maps of Texas cities, primarily after the Civil War and until the early 20th century. I have seen maps like these before, but never knew they had a name and never realized so many were created. At least two maps in the exhibition were of Houston and were quite interesting. I did some searching and found that they were from the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth, which maintains http://www.birdseyeviews.org/index.php. Take a look. The two shown from Houston are from 1873 and 1891. Here is one explanation of "birds-eye" maps: "Bird
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