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  1. Hermann Hospital - built in 1925, maybe 9 stories, looking at the picture. The other bldg. was named Autry House (built in 1921), built as a socializing house for Rice students, was 3 stories, was on what is now Fannin St. , says was next to the streetcar stop. Thnx again AIA - Architectural Guide, S. Fox. The Rice Administration Bldg. (1912) is now referred to as Lovett Hall. Also mentions a smokestack for the powerplant , dating to 1912. Looks like it is located to the right of the entrance gates, far back.
  2. Center Point Energy's H.O. Clarke Generating Station at 12045 South Main St. Weeks ago I noticed a demolition permit at this address. Looks like a part of the site will be turned into Powerfuels' Houston Clean Energy Park. Center Point Energy will still occupy some of the parcel?
  3. I was browsing The Southwest Citizen dated June 15, 1950 and noticed a full page ad for Piggly Wiggly located at 6612 South Main St. Additional stores are as follows: Store number 1 - 6615 So. Main Store number 2 - 75th and Lawndale Store number 3 - 7101 Ave. H Store number 4 - ? Store number 5 - 5620 Telephone Rd. Store number 6 - 3145 Southmore Blvd. I love these prices too. Wild to look at the differences between 1950 and today.
  4. I was browsing Ebay for TMC stuff and noticed an motor inn called RoadRunner Motor Inn located at 8500 South Main St. I searched HAIF and could not find a thread about this so I thought I would post it. Can we date this?
  5. Until today I did not know this existed. What type of restaurant is Galley Smorgasbord exactly? A buffet? I came across this ad in a 1962 Houston Colt .45 baseball program Vs. Cardinals. "George Valian Invites You To Enjoy Houston's Greatest Double Play Combination"
  6. I was browing Ebay for TMC stuff and came across this matchbook for Hector's Club located at At 6500 South Main St. Did anyone ever go here? Can we date this?
  7. While browsing old Rice The Thresher magazines I noticed this candy store called Suzanne Hand Made Candies located at 7401 South Main St. Located at South Main & Greenbriar. The building was demolished for either the Texas Orthopedic Hospital or the infamous 7200 Main plot of vacant land? Any pictures of the building? Was there a retail strip center, or shopping center here? Regarding the sweets and candies. Anyone from 1983 remember these? How were they? Fine Fudges, Candies, & Ice Cream. Do tell!
  8. I was browsing Ebay for TMC stuff and I noticed this matchbook containing businesses for both Gaido's Cafe and End-O-Main Liquor Store. With help from @Ross it seems that, according to a 1942 city directory, Gaido's Cafe and End-O-Main Liquor Store was both owned by Michi Gaidos. I thought Gaido's was located at 9200 South Main? Was this the original location by any chance? Or store number 2? One company is called Gaido's Restaurant, the other is called Gaido's Cafe. Very cool find!
  9. I was browsing Ebay for TMC stuff and I noticed this matchbook containing businesses for both End-O-Main Liquor Store and Gaido's Cafe. The matchbook indicates the address of 6800 Block of Main & Bellaire. With help from @Ross we narrowed it down to 6810 S. Main. The 1942 city directory indicated the End-O-Main Liquor Store was owned (or managed) by Michi Gaidos. Did anyone ever shop here?
  10. I was reading more of that local Southwestern Times Houston magazine. The issue dated February 21, 1946 had a business listing for Warehouse Liquor Stores with two locations. Location number 1 was located at 2012 Louisiana St. and Location number 2 was located at 6630 South Main St. Cool history. I wonder what happened with the business. Was this located in a retail strip center? Maybe a stand alone warehouse?
  11. I drove by the old Shamrock location today, and was hungry, so I was thinking of a place to eat. As I cruised South main, my mouth began to water ( Just in memory ) for a pizza from Vallian's!! Man, they had the best pizza you ever ate! I believe they were at South Main & Holcomb, on the East side of the underpass. I'll never forget what a special treat it was to be able to go there. Anyone got any memories to share? I was always curious of what happened to the restaurant, and the Vallian family. Yuuuuum, Yum!
  12. evidently there was an Orange Julius store/stand near Med Center? Here's yet another matchbook cover I found in my new book..
  13. While browsing old issues of University of Houston's The EXtra publication I noticed a congratulations add from Brochsteins, Inc. to University of Houston celebrating the opening of the Ezekiel Cullen Building at 4800 Calhoun Rd. The add was put out on November 18, 1950. The address of Brochsteins, Inc. is listed as 10002 South Main * Houston, Texas * Madison 4451. This puts the old building at 610 South Loop near the Whataburger at 9955 South Main Street? The building was demolished to make the freeway overpass? Their current campus is located at 11530 South Main St. and must sit-on 20 to 40-acres. I sometimes wonder if they would ever sell apart of their land. It's their manufacturing plant and corporate office I believe, so they will probably stay there for a while longer. I believe Brochsteins did the Hines 609 interior work. They have been involved with some fantastic projects! I remember hearing stories about how they got some wood in the remotes of Africa.
  14. Kaphan's on South Main at Kirby (where the CVS is now) was a big favorite of my family's. We had so many major celebrations of family events there, and my grandparents ate there almost every Sunday after church for decades. Not only was the food very good, but the service and staff were oustanding -- there were a number of waiters that had been there close to 50 years when the place finally closed down around 1993-1994. There was one waiter in particular that had been serving my grandparents, mother, and rest of the family for several decades, and he knew us all by name. I remember my last meal there in December 1992, when I was home for Christmas after my first semester of college. Mom and I had driven down to Houston on a Sunday morning to meet my grandparents for church and to celebrate my grandmother's birthday and deliver their Christmas presents. We had that particular waiter that day, and when he saw me he said "Master Steven! How was the first semester at Austin College?" I hadn't seen this guy in several months but he knew all about what I was up to from my grandparents. There was also a guy who worked there who wore a white suit (sort of a Marvin Zindler style) who always brought around a skillet of these hot crab ball appetizers. Those things were always so good. To this day many of my cousins talk about all those Sunday dinners we ate at Kaphan's and how the staff there always treated our family like royalty because my grandparents had eaten there so often for so many years. I still miss that place whenever I drive by the pharmacy that's there now. You just don't find restaurants with that kind of personal service much anymore.
  15. I was involved in the demolition of a seafood restaurant on South Main Street (near the South Loop) in 1996. The restaurant probably dated from the 1930's. The building had a very large crab sculpture on the roof. I rescued several gas light fixtures from the building prior to its demolition and am trying to authenticate their age. I am looking for the name of a seafood restaurant or any other information about it.
  16. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated December 21, 1944. I noticed an add for a local barber shop ran by V.B. Shearon, Ed Nevills, H.W. Farris, and Paul Elliott. Did anyone ever get their haircut here? Any stories about this place?
  17. I love all these old barber shops around town. I was looking an old issues of Rice's The Trasher magazine and I came across Hans House of Beauty No. 2 at 6422 Main St. Located in the infamous Hermann Professional Building. The bottom floor used to have rentable space? I've noticed a few different stores that were here over the years. February 24, 1961. January 8, 1954. March 21, 1958.
  18. While browsing old issues I noticed this add for Kauffman's Cleaners & Taylors dated January 8, 1954. I wonder if there are any pictures of the building or sign around?
  19. I was looking at an old The Rice Trasher magazine dated September 7, 1944 and came across this business that made personalized glassware gifts. Esther McKenzie Glassware. Any pictures of the glassware? Pictures of the building? Looks like this is across from The Ion, so it would be an empty lot today.
  20. So what did the restaurant currently known as Baytown Seafood at 9205 S Main St. originally start as? The Shipleys next door was a Mc Donalds and there is a Burger King right down the road so I doubt it was either. Any ideas?
  21. What about the Copacabana Night Club At 8150 South Main St. ?
  22. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated June 7, 1945. Here's a unique business. A bicycle rental company across from the new stadium. Very cool find!! Anyone remember this place?
  23. I found a newspaper add for Meyer Bros. The White House store. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated June 21, 1945. This is possible Store Number 9? HAIF had a listing of all the old Meyer Bros stores and number 9 was missing from the list. Please see below.
  24. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated December 21, 1944. This newspaper add was for a dance studio called Emmamae Horn Dance Studio located at 6620 1/2 South Main St. Does anybody know about this place? How does it differ from the End O Main ball room located down the block at 9810 South Main?
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