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  1. Bad News Bar had a decent crowd on Friday night - and the drinks are reasonably priced. Had lunch at Batanga on Saturday and it had a decent crowd but started to really pack up when we were leaving. The Patatas Batanga,Duck confit arepas, pork ribs and the empanada de carne were all great. Really liking this revival.
  2. I went to Goro and Gun last night and I had the Miso Ramen while a friend had the Tempura Short rib. I really liked the ramen, it was very good and liked tha the mushrooms were very sweet, though I did think that the miso had a little too much pork flavor. The rib was excellent. I will go back to try the scallop and the brussel sprouts. Oh and the Due Dilligence drink was pretty good
  3. Are any of you all going to the Sip and Socialize street party next week to see what the annoucement will be?
  4. Because Late Night Pie burned down? There still is Mai's...
  5. Because Downtown needs less residents living in the area....who knows, soon we all may be living in Cinco
  6. Think you mean The Brewery Tap... How was Roma's by the way? I haven't had any of their food yet. And I am planning on checking out Clutch City - what are their prices like? A few craft beers on tap/bottle?
  7. This sucks...kind of hard to bring new residents to downtown when there are no apartments/lofts for them to live. GL Daniel - let us know what they do with the remainder of your lease
  8. Did they replace the door at Hearsay?
  9. So, this is why Logan's bar closed down and why the Fying Saucer has been able to stay around? Or even why Ziggy's failed in their DT location, because there wasn't enough options?
  10. What does this all mean??????????????
  11. I have lived in downtown since around 2002-2003 and a simple "No" or a shake of the head usually suffices for being an answer to panhandlers or just plain ignore them and continue walking. I really dont think that I have ever had one continue on after I do any of these. Sure they may curse me out or call me a liar, but I am also still going to where I was going in the first place. If you really are intent on getting by without geting "bummed" or asked to help someone out with bus fare, food, drink, etc., it's not hard to, especially if you are used to living in a real urban environment. And yes, I walk everywhere (gave up my car back in 2000); no there are no "real" grocery stores in downtown proper; the tunnels were made for commuting from one end of dt to the other in the summer without getting heat stroke, and dt should not have two movie theaters without the proper number of residents living in downtown to be able to sustain both.
  12. I'm on the fence about that...I would prefer a retailer get the space as opposed to another movie theater in downtown
  13. What were the HH prices? Not the $3 Wells, $3 beer, $5 Wine mentioned earlier? What was so unacceptable about their regular prices?
  14. I wouldn't say that it's a misstatement: "Alamo Drafthouse had previously announced plans for a Midtown location at a proposed development on Louisiana, but Michaelsen said his group now is "reviewing alternate sites in Midtown for an Alamo and is committed to bringing the concept to that market." And earlier in the article: "...just announced that it will open a third location in the Inner Loop mixed-use project Regent Square, where it will also show outdoor movies in a park there."
  15. Apparently its no longer going to be on Louisiana but will now be in Regent Square http://www.chron.com/business/article/New-cinemas-in-Houston-give-luxury-a-starring-role-4276779.php?t=863144c6ed
  16. That is the place - used to be Grum Bar before it was Molto
  17. Tmobile - decent service on 38th and 45th floors. Very spotty in the tunnels
  18. I understand the point you were making, though it seems to be biased since all you had to do was turn to your left and take a picture of The Capital at St. Germain's signage versus The Flying Saucer's.
  19. I am pretty sure - Minute Maid sells alcohol and they are across the street from the school as well.
  20. This is so true - especially on the weekends at DG when I am trying to walk my dog.
  21. Like where the falafel and HPD store front is?
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