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  1. Triton, what's the percentage and importance of upstream in our economy compared to midstream and downstream?
  2. Waiting on the "Crude prices have fallen deeply. I doubt if this gets built" comments.
  3. How bout we just all stop and chill and see what happens because none of us knows what's going to happen in the future...
  4. How is that with anticipated 70,000-60,000 additional jobs in that year?
  5. Ugh. Y'all make this condition sound so bad.
  6. It would have looked nice on the perimeter of Discover Green or close to 59.
  7. So are there 3 apartments in this location: Alexan Midtown (I & II) and Alexan Main Street?
  8. When is it going to start construction?
  9. I know nothing of a hurricane relief project.
  10. Wait a minute...What's going there? Were the plans approved?
  11. That's awesome! What's going to be in the "CityCentre?"
  12. I thought the outlet mall was going to be like a CityCentre development. Something is going to be built beside it?
  13. I'll look at it like the ones in Katy and Cypress, since those two malls are on your way of or into Houston.
  14. I was thinking that this one, FOR SURE, was going to be the one to be developed.
  15. When is the tower going to be built? That's what I'm waiting on.
  16. I'm loving this!!!!! This is in an odd location, but it will work eventually!
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