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  1. That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure that would work or makes sense. It's a fairly narrow strip of land except right by the church. And what street would would people enter on and exit to? Also, I think it would take away from the aesthetics between Rice and the Park. In my view, there is plenty of parking in the various hospitals nearby. The issue is that obviously costs money, and most people want to park for free. (Of course there is also the rail, but that's too much work for most people.)
  2. This looks terrible to me. The staircases on the outside of the building! For prime property like this, I would have liked to see something nice.
  3. By the look of things on the street, they are getting relatively close to completing this project.
  4. No, the yellow sign relates to a building that a developer is seeking a variance for in the 1900 block of Dryden. Essentially a developer has been building/buying duplexes in the area and renting them to Rice students as some sort of coop living arrangement. He wants to combine two parcels on Dryden, and the Southgate neighborhood is against it. I believe there are a few articles in the Rice newspaper about the developer being a bit questionable. (There is also an issue with the flower store on that specific corner becoming a Chinese restaurant and seeking a parking variance.)
  5. FWIW, I think the renderings look good, but in application the building is not coming out well. In person, the tubes look like cheap plastic, and I'm not sure that is going to change when it is completed (in fact, over time I suspect they will look dingy and even cheaper). Just my opinion, and hopefully it changes when everything is complete.
  6. Several big pieces of the tower crane were being delivered this morning near Sid Richardson.
  7. Pouring the new roads/driveway for the performing arts center this morning
  8. At least in my building, the 51st floor is where the elevator bank for the higher floors is, so I could certainly see increased costs related to elevators (among others). Don't know if that is universal though.
  9. It will be fun to through footballs between the pool at the existing apartments and the pool at the new office/condo.
  10. Agreed. At 1100 Louisiana, they are sprucing up the lobby and adding a gym, secure bike area, and dry cleaner, all in the former Massa's space across the street for all the tenants to use for free (not the dry cleaning obviously). I just wish they had this 15 years ago!
  11. I think white will get boring, but I agree totally flashy is not needed. Perhaps keep all the tubes the same color, but have them change color once an hour (e.g, white from 9:00 to 10:00, blue from 10:00 to 11:00, green from 11:00 to 12:00, and so on).
  12. I have a hard time believing this got funding. Something like this could work in the middle of downtown or midtown, but this location is an island without any foot traffic. This will be less successful than Greenstreet.
  13. I think this is a ridiculous location and can't imagine it gets built. That said, some other nice hotels in the area aren't in exactly prime locations either--e.g., Houstonian, St. Regis, Omni. Granted these hotels are very different than a Hard Rock hotel.
  14. I went there about 10 years ago for physical therapy. Memorial Sports Clinic (formerly the Roger Clemens Sports Clinic) directed me there, so some arm of Memorial may have been leasing it.
  15. I think the location is great for the WF. They will get local folks of course, but I imagine they will get loads of people going home from work down Smith on the way to the spur.
  16. Another 12 years and the dream of Regent Square will be realized (or at least a significantly reduced dream).
  17. 3333 Allen Parkway (The Royalton) was originally rental units, and then switched to condos after about five years.
  18. The deed restriction fight could be interesting. Doesn't seem they've been enforced since the current use of the site is not single-family use. I wonder if they are still enforceable.
  19. But presumably if Hanover wanted to expand, it could buy some or all of the Regent Square land. I think it's safe to assume that Regent Square as originally envisioned is never going to happen.
  20. Are they going to punch windows in the upper floors? I continue to believe that the lack of windows will make this a hard sell for 20-year old innovators (note that the buildings pictured above have tons of windows).
  21. No doubt young innovators will be drawn to a windowless 1940's building. . . . .
  22. The corner of Wheeler and Main had gotten better for about a year, but it is now back to being a huge homeless encampment again with addicts everywhere and garbage littering the street. An out-of-town guest drove by there over the weekend and commented that he couldn't believe the city allows a corner like that to exist. Hopefully Rice does something with the area soon.
  23. Back in the day, Berryhill Sunday's rocked (2006 time frame; start at La Strada, then to Berryhill around 4:00, then around 7:00 to wherever you could stumble to next). But that parking lot sucks, so unless the restaurant is really good, I'm driving to the next taco stand.
  24. Lawsuit filed today by Total Site Inc. against Dolce Living Investments LLC; DLC at Midtown LLC; Ivor Krivor; Ruslan Krivoruchko; John Zagst; Dayle Middleton; Jonathan Coldea, Florida residents: "Defendants owe plaintiff more than $1.1 million for water mitigation equipment and installation services."
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