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  1. Belongs out in Katy. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/2801-Kirby-Dr-Houston-TX/24780871/
  2. Complete https://austonia.com/thompson-tommie-hotels
  3. Site prep underway: https://twitter.com/TheATX1/status/1493644784421978117
  4. It it’s pretty large in person. The site sits higher than buildings that are closer to the river-can see it out from multiple areas of town yet it only just made it to the halfway mark.
  5. They have a location here in Austin. Highly recommend.
  6. Is this a new design for The Mill? https://www.arch-con.com/divisions/multifamily/the-mill-mixed-use/
  7. https://www.vogue.com/article/the-most-anticipated-restaurant-openings-of-2022/amp
  8. https://www.placedesigners.com/News/the-tiara-diamond-beach-phase-ii-is-ready-for-launch
  9. https://www.1550onthegreen.com/neighborhood/ Tower 2 - Office Tower 3 - Hotel & Residential
  10. Anyone banking with BBVA/PNC? I hear the merger is not going well for their customers
  11. UP MROSR12 @ Houston, TX by Noah Cochran, on Flickr Collingsworth in Winter by Stewart Schweers, on Flickr
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