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  1. Several cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, and even Dallas along with many European cities have allowed dogs on restaurant patios. And guess what? Nothing happened and any supposed "health risks" have yet to materialize in those cities from legally allowing dogs on restaurant patios. It should be up to the individual business owner to decide.
  2. This mostly has to do with Qantas being in the same airline alliance as American Airlines which will serve as a feeder route into the Qantas flight because of the AA hub at DFW. Anyways SFO already has Air New Zealand which provides alot of competition for connecting from North America to that part of the world (which along with United having a hub there is also feeding passengers onto that airline).
  3. I'm sorry that I missed that. I need to read the Chronicle more often instead of just the online version.
  4. American is supposed to be adding direct flights out of DFW to both Rio de Janeiro and Barbados as well starting in November.
  5. I went to an Avalanche game once which was fun but pretty expensive, but as far as I am concerned more bang for your buck compared with MLB. Anyways there are enough midwestern/canadian/european transplants in both Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston (not to mention Austin and San Antonio) for Texas to have two NHL teams given that California has three NHL teams total. Plus given the huge corporate presence in both any NHL team should profit from having the luxury boxes being filled. Most likely scenario is either Nashville or Phoenix gets relocated to Houston with the other team going to either Winnipeg, Hamilton, or Kansas City.
  6. Ok fair enough now i see what you are saying. Then again most succesfull musicians are tools it does not matter what the genre is. Case in point Bono of U2 among others.
  7. Before you critiise Nas as a gangster wannabee listen to "I Can". That song is basically encouraging kids to stay in school and make something of themselves. Likewise Eminem talks or raps about the hardships in his life in addition to humerous takes on the f****d up politicians and celebrities in this country.
  8. I don't live in Montrose but I think it is cool that H-E-B is considering putting in underground parking for the store similar to the Randall's in Midtown. In other cities such as Miami, Washington D.C. and Annapolis, MD some of these big box stores have multi level parking due to spacial constraints and it would be great to see more or this type of development in Houston.
  9. I take it you never ever listened to either Lil Wayne, Common, Nas, Chingo Bling, Chamillionaire, Outkast, Kanye West, or Eminem. Neither of those rappers fit your label of "sing about nothing but shooting people, drugs, cops, and just getting as wasted as posible".
  10. Due to film incentives being offered outside of California, LA already has competition with Albuquerque, Austin, Shreveport, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, etc. Anyways I have always said that Houston and Dallas are related to LA, this just proves it.
  11. This might be worth watching. Matt Nix is the creator/producer of this show also wrote/produced/directed Burn Notice which is pretty good.
  12. What exactly did the kid do to recieve the beating?
  13. With Pandora and XM, radio is a dying media, similar to newspapers so most stations will play it safe with the top 40 stuff.
  14. Houston Chronicle: New H-E-B concept is discount minded H-E-B is introducing a new prototype store concept to counter Aldi's expansion in Texas. The store is located in 12305 Antoine Drive in Northwest Houston is expected to open up sometime this May. Official Site
  15. I thought some of you guys might find this hilarious or interesting. I just recently discovered this old article on Time Magazine about Houston taking over the San Fernando Valley's title of America's Pornography Capital. A Boomtown for Pornography Frank Trippett, Time Magazine April 18, 2005 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/ar...878&xid=Loomia In the every-man-for-himself tradition that has made the Texas brand of individualism legendary, Houston has always shied away from the idea of zoning. It refused to govern growth even during the years when the town was lunging and sprawling its way to becoming the nation's fourth-largest city (pop. 1,726,000). Now Houstonians are beginning to notice that big corporations and the builders of futuristic skyscrapers have not been the only beneficiaries of the unregulated boom. Their town has become a leading contender for a little coveted title: America's Pornography Capital ... I wonder how Los Angeles and California feels now that even the adult entertainment industry is leaving. Oh Well I guess H-Town is now putting the word dirty in Dirty South
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