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  1. Necroposting ... the Hooper's Minimax was at 2601 Cartwright Road in Missouri City. I worked there in high school. It was a Gerlands before then, and it's a gym now.
  2. CANNOT WAIT MUCH LONGER. The Highway 6 one is about three miles from my house.
  3. I grew up in the QV and it honestly is pretty nice. My husband and I want to buy out there in a few years, once we unload our current house. We like the retro style.
  4. Hah! ADR FTW! Honestly, I didn't mind the tunnels much when I worked downtown (which has been at least a decade). It kept me off the street, it was good exercise no matter the weather, and it was fun to snake my way all under downtown at lunch. I did get peeved on occasion when a couple big ole secretaries (it was NEVER men, always women) would heifer their way through the tunnels two abreast, effectively blocking the path for those of us not built like Slenderman.
  5. Oooooh, thanks! Right around the corner from home.
  6. This one! I remember this one! Wasn't there a shoe store next door to it?
  7. Gotta be honest ... my reaction is surprise that anyone watches network news. Why would you? News is available around the clock. I don't need someone with big hair and nice teefus to tell me it.
  8. moo. I liked Mid Lane and Briarglen and Bancroft a lot better when they were full of little quaint Zidell apartments. Let the tarring and feathering begin, I know. (Also let the record show that I live in Bear Creek, so I'm not exactly an Inner Loop hipster evangelist.) These big developments just don't have any character or personality. They could be anywhere, in any city, and you'd never notice a difference. They don't say Houston.
  9. I'm seeing on Facebook that it's visible from Pearland.
  10. KHOU did a story on this complex last night. It seems some neighbors are a bit perturbed about the new construction.
  11. I'm on Beltway 8 and Briar Forest, looking east, and the smoke plume is HUGE. I am told this is a construction site. Whoa. Just found this on Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=montrose%20dallas%20fire&src=typd
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